Motionless in White and Beartooth Bite Into the Heart of the House of Blues In Anaheim

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy, Photos by Matt “Rabit” Martinez Red Hare Images

Halloween may be over, but for Motionless in White, every day for them is Halloween. Always dressed for a Gothic Halloween celebration, MiW is always ready to give their loyal fans a healthy dosage of Gothic/industrial metalcore action. Recently, the group of Scranton, Penn., has put out their newest record, Disguise, and the fans are digesting it satisfyingly. This album is probably their most metalcore piece to date. To share their latest creation, Motionless in White have once again hit the road and co-headlined the Disguise & Disease Tour with the hardcore metal outfit Beartooth. I have been anxious to see Beartooth because I heard they play an excellent live set, and Rabit can attest to that. Joining them on this tour included OC hardcore punk rockers Stick To Your Guns and metalcore supergroup Nothing Left.

We only got to see a little bit of Nothing Left, but we were impress by their sound and will see them again down the line. Next up were my boys from Orange County, melodic hardcore punks Stick To Your Guns. Since listening their last record, 2017’s True View, I have been giving myself over to their bombastic hardcore style that dances merrily with metalcore. Frontman Jesse Barnett leads the charge with his heinous, vicious screams, while the guitar duo of Chris Rawson (rhythm) and Josh James (lead) perform sick riffs that are completely chaotic. George Schmitz drums with an appetite for obliteration with his bangs and crashes. Stick To Your Guns took aim at the metalheads of Anaheim, firing a bunch of hard-edged tunes like “Nobody,” “Empty Heads,” “Married to the Noise,” “Such Pain,” “Doomed By You,” “What Choice Did You Give Us?,” “Amber,” and “Against Them All.” The boys of O.C. did their hometown proud by serving us a dish best served hardcore.

Full Stick to your Guns gallery below:

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Following the hardcore showdown with Stick To Your Guns, the House of Blues in Anaheim was about to be mauled by Beartooth. The melodic metalcore outfit from Columbus, Ohio takes a huge bite out of our ears. Frontman and visionary Caleb Shomo screams to the top his lungs, but does let his harmonious side take over every now and again. He knows how to pull the crowd in; never relinquishing his grip on their musical souls. Beartooth went through a transformation with the addition of lead guitarist Zach Huston and drummer Connor Denis. They both took a huge swat at us with their intense performance, showing the fans why Shomo asked them to join. Denis even got to showcase his skills behind the kit, which was not too flashy, but still effective. Beartooth spread their Disease with their contagious songs like “The Lines,” “Beaten in Lips,” “Aggressive,” “Bad Listener,” “Fire,” “You Never Know,” “Disease,” “Body Bag,” and “In Between.” We were banging our heads to them until they snapped off our necks. Having felt the mighty roar of Beartooth, we eagerly awaited Motionless.

Full Beartooth gallery below:

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The last time we saw them, Motionless in White brought gothic exquisiteness. This time around, they donned all black, ready to do battle with us. Chris Motionless, wearing a Kevlar-style vest, was more ferocious than the last time. It was like he was channeling his inner Marilyn Manson, shocking us and getting down-right nasty with his hellacious voice. Laying the Smackdown on our metal spirits, Motionless in White made us eternally theirs, thanks to their set list that mostly featured tunes from Disguise. Lead guitarist Ryan Sitkowski laid into us his fierce industrial style licks, while Ricky “Horror” Olson played horror-induced riffs. This is the first time seeing new bassist Justin Morrow, and he owned the terrifying bass beats. Drummer Vinny Mauro was on fire at the kit, literally. From “Disguise” to “Necessary Evil,” “Thoughts & Prayers,” “Headache,” “Undead Ahead 2: The Tale of the Midnight Ride,” “</c0de>,” “Devil’s Night,” and “Another Life,” the House of Blues was in full motion once again with Motionless in White. The crowd was in for a special treat when they played “Scissorhands (The Last Show)” for the first time in 4 years to commemorate the 10th anniversary of their debut album, Creatures. The night drew to a close with “Eternally Yours.”

Full Motionless in White gallery below:

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To be honest, this Motionless in White performance far exceeds the last time we caught them at the last Warped Tour. They were heavier than before and I loved it. Beartooth sharpened their claws and teeth to that devoured our hearts, while Stick To Your Guns showed fans how Orange County brings metalcore excitement. Metalheads went home that feeling horrifically satisfied. It was January, but after that show, it felt like Halloween. To Motionless in White, Beartooth, and Stick To Your Guns, I salute you. Horns up!!!

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