The NAMM Experience, 2020

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy, Photos by Matt “Rabit” Martinez

Last year, I got the chance to represent Uncivil Revolt Magazine at the biggest music conventions in the world, the NAMM Show. It is a huge trade show that specializes in musical products from instruments to pedals, picks, straps, technology, and social networking. When I attended last year, I felt like I was in Candyland, just surrounded by all this incredible merchandise that will soon become available to the masses. It has been a year now, and I was invited back again, only this time, Rabit would be joining me and hopefully take more stellar shots like the ones I took. With the huge sign standing in front of the Anaheim Convention Center as well as the back entrance, we entered into the promise land.

NAMM was a 4 day event, but we only went for Friday and Saturday, the days we thought were going to be the most electrifying. Upon entering the Anaheim Convention Center, we were blown away by the massive turnout that featured music lovers and artists. The first place we went to check out was the guitar rooms upstairs, where we saw the latest stuff that Gibson, Fender, ESP, and Jackson had to offer. In the Fender showroom, there was a rotating Stratocaster mechanism with colorful guitars that were inspired by George Harrison’s “Rocky” guitar. They also featured a new line of acoustic guitars that can play both unplugged and electric. I really enjoyed trying out the different basses, getting a feel for which one I would like to get (Schecter is the route I am going on).

Downstairs is where they had more guitars and accessories, where I was fascinated with the guitar straps provided by Perri’s Leather Ltd. The detail that into their designs was beautiful, from the licensed straps that features bands on them to their signature leather models. We also checked the different amps that were being showcased (Orange Amps, Fender, etc.), the new Eargasm earplugs that people have been flocking towards, the guitar pedals that modify the sounds. I was really impressed with the EarthQuaker Devices, a series of supersonic pedals that transport the soundwaves into new realms of excitement. One of my favorite accessory booths to visit was Strüng, a custom jewelry company that specializes in making bracelets and necklaces out of guitar strings. I bought 2 for both myself and my mom in remembrance of the dad, who loved rock ‘n’ roll.

All in all, in the 2 days we were at NAMM, we could not contain the excitement we had the whole time. On Friday evening, we went to the hotel parties and saw a live drumming event where people formed a circle outside the Convention Center and went into a rhythmic beat. To cap off the weekend, we went to the Schecter Rock Party at the Grove of Anaheim, where New Year’s Day and Black Label Society kicked some serious ass. Being at NAMM this year was somewhat bittersweet because I kept thinking about my dad, who was very proud of me going to this event. Rabit and I are very anxious for next year, and I believe it will continue to get better with each passing year. To the NAMM Show, I salute you. Horns up!!!

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