Toxic Zombie Says Embrace the Horror!

From the depths of party rock comes "Embrace The Horror" from Toxic Zombie's Going Viral album. This is yet another thrill ride from the northwest's premiere ghouls of rock

By: Joe Tyree

Embrace the Horror and all the sideshow effects that come with it. Spooky, haunting and downright thrilling Toxic Zombie is coming at you from all angles. Loud, heavy and spitting the torture into your face.

According to the band:

“This video almost did not happen but greater forces prevailed and the sun came out for us. So happy with the end result”.  – Bishop Freeman Manfree

“I saw a Deer. A Doe, a Deer, a Female Deer………The first time I walked into the barn I knew we would be filming something that fit the song and band as well.The atmosphere was old, creepy and electrical at the same time”  – Grimm

“The birds were excited we were there. The band was concerned about me playing with Owl pellets. Did you know there was an Owl in that Barn and it almost killed us”?    – Starbie 66

“The whole place smelled like death and corpses, and that was before we showed up. After the dust cleared, I am grateful we got out; Dead or Alive”.Dead End Johnny

“UUUUURRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH  I still puke every time I think of that bathtub water  LUGZ GOT LYME DISEASE !!!!! ”  !!!!!!! – Lugz


More about Toxic Zombie:

Embalmed with the foundation of American Rock N Roll and rejuvenated with decades of iconic influences. Toxic Zombie has been reborn from the slowly rotting corpse of modern music to bring back the undead drive of straight forward brain-eating rock!

Toxic Zombie has self-produced two full-length Albums (Poison The Airwaves, Live Toxic, Die Toxic) one E.P (intoxicated), three Music Videos (Gypsy, Run For Your Life, Embrace The Horror). They have performed on the Sumerian records stage, for the Rockstar Mayhem Festival, as well as consistently perform as direct support for touring acts that visit the Pacific Northwest region. Toxic Zombie has released a follow up to “Live Toxic, Die Toxic” entitled “Going Viral” and will be releasing singles along the way being completely self-funded independent artists allow them to bring the fans what the fans want. Versus the laboratory concocted monsters that just stumble around for a while then fall down. Toxic Zombie represents the undying spirit that embodies Rock N Roll culture of all genres and stands by the statement “Rock N Roll is UnDead”

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