Album Review: Shadow Show, Silhouettes

By Andy Thunders, Rock N Roll Gypsy

Shadow Show is a Psychedelic power trio from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Fantastic, cosmic music with spacey vocal harmonies. Their debut album Silhouettes is a fine example of very good modern psych, with ten solid tracks. So tight it sounds and feels loose.

The album starts off with the single and video Charades, somewhere between a rockin Byrd’s meets mid 60’s Beatles vibe with a bit of Syd Barrett Pink Floyd and that slight punk sneer. Very catchy, very trippy, very groovy.

Contessa has a 60s meets 90s grunge kinda vibe to it, and has backing vocals akin to the Monkees, nice touch. These girls don’t sound like anyone else around, and best of all, the guitar is so fuzzy!

Green Stone is one of the stronger songs on the album, going into some Rolling Stones and Yardbirds type vibes, total mid 60s psychedelia.

The Alchemist is like Uncle Acid without the distortion and sped up a bit. A layer of acoustic guitar and just an incredible hazy vibe like the inside of an enchanted forest.

Shadow Box begins with pounding drums as the guitars kick in, and cascading backing vocals go along with the lead so beautifully and perfectly, incredible.

Trapeze Act has a very unique riff with a nice vocal effect, with some nice crunchy raunchy guitar. Everything is so well crafted and well placed.

Glass Eye has one of the coolest Beatles like song structures, and grooves like a motherfucker. The musicianship between these three is out of this world, and the sound they create is phenomenally.

Dreamhead begins with acoustic and the bass and electric evolve out of it as the drums build up anticipation, and builds into a catchy, quirky Stooges like song emerges. Such a tranquil vibe throughout, though.

The Machine begins with a guitar fading arpeggio as the bass and drums explode in, with some almost surf like guitar work here leading into the vocal. Incredible vocal and powerful song.

The final track Silhouette is very floaty and happy sounding, upbeat but not fast, a nice mellow pace, and then it stops and slows down to an even more warm sounding riff, something that comforts you, and leaves you feeling refreshed and beaming with profound tranquility.

This record has everything you love from the past dragged to the future and harnesses the healing loving powers of rock and roll at heart, something to keep your soul warm from the cold.

Track Listing:

1. Charades
2. Contessa
3. Green Stone
4. The Alchemist
5. Shadow Box
6. Trapeze Act
7. Glass Eye
8. Dreamhead
9. The Machine
10. Silhouette

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