By: Stephanie Stevens

In 2017, the Phoenix area band DED made the rock/metal scene come alive again with the band’s debut album Mis•an•thrope. The album produced a multitude of singles and was just a solid, all out aggressive, and appealing album to the masses. The group is a bunch road warriors and they left nothing but amazing memories, sweat, and sometimes blood on stages across the states and overseas. The fans and the music community in general, including with this girl, has been waiting patiently for new music and finally it dropped this past Thursday, March 12th, 2020. A two song EP, entitled MANNEQUIN EYES, quenched the palettes of fans worldwide, and let me tell you, these guys did not disappoint. Right off the bat, what came to mind to me was how they have insanely grown musically as well as sound wise. Although the debut album to me was a solid 10, it was more straightforward, in-your-face with more rap rock tones. On this EP, that atmosphere has seemed to have left the building and the focal point is more rocking, melody-induced masterpieces. Track one the lead off radio single, “A MANNEQUIN IDOL (LULLABY),” targets the metal elements, but it has so…so…so…so much more depth and layers to it. Joe’s singing voice is more prominent. But these motherfucking hooky moments are anthem-like.

“EYES SEWN SHUT” is my favorite right now. It reminded me of something Stone Sour would put together. The beginning of this song with Joe’s elegant and soft singing voice gave me pure goosebumps, just like the first time I heard “BEAUTIFUL.” He sounds so fucking phenomenal, and I’m so stoked to hear him showing off his singing voice more n more. Then the song surges into the headbanging moments we love from these guys. These verses are alluring; an impeccable combination of adrenaline and melodic energy forcible magic! I am so overly impressed by how they have managed to evolve in such a high class fashion but still staying close to the sound and passion they started out with.

Lyrically, both songs still spew the reality and raw feelings of today’s impactful elements of the world we live in. I can only imagine the diversity that is still to come when DED drops the full sophomore album. For now, MANNEQUIN EYES is out and has unbelievably captivated the world already.

DED: Chapter 2.To the world, I have one question…ARE YOU READY!? Because these boys, I declare, are on the verge of changing the rock/metal culture once again.

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