Album Review: Dee Calhoun, A Dream Within A Dream + Interview

By Andy Thunders, Rock N Roll Gypsy

Dee Calhoun’s upcoming EP A Dream Within A Dream creates a dark, tranquil world with deathly cold atmospheres; it’s a voice of anguish and horror in a world that’s gone mad with this Covid 19. A diy project done by ex Iron Man current Spiral Grave singer that is not to be overlooked.

The title track is first and it is a musical adaptation of the Poe poem, beautiful, medieval, melancholic, isolating, and ethereal. The atmospheres and different symphonic elements just enhance the despondent isolating mood that flows through the rest of this EP.

At The Altar of Venus has a similarity vibe to Planet Caravan by Black Sabbath, that peaceful hazy spacey vibe, which ties into the desolate vibes to this album as well, there is such an atmosphere of gloom it is not overwhelming but almost like a tenderness with the despair.

Arm in Arm with the Angels of Darkness is the most upbeat song with a nice bluesy riff and acoustic percussion that just rolls man, while maintaining this atmosphere that permeates like a fog.

Isolation is an unnerving atmospheric track that sends chills to the spine with the whispered screams and such to an eerie yet tranquil acoustic track.

Thunder And Gray Skies is one of the most heart wrenching and soulful songs you can find in this soulless world of callous over saturated crap love ballads. Absolutely moving.

Facebook Prison Blues ends it all with a funny spin on Folsom Prison Blues directed at modern social media and getting banned for saying mean things or whatever and it’s hilarious and ends it all nicely for this period of quarantine inspired music released just for something to do and for people to dig up. Nothin wrong with that.

Dee Calhoun Interview:

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