L.A. quintet, Fused By Defiance, shine a light on police brutality and corruption on powerful new single, ‘Insanity’

After almost three years away, Fused By Defiance has returned with a vicious anthem which tells the story of an
unnecessary police stop that culminates in the death of an innocent victim. An all too real topic that has cast a
shadow over U.S. police forces in the last few years, ‘Insanity’ is a highly apt title for a song that features a
crunching barrage of modern metal instrumentation along with some venomous rapping vocals. On show are some
of the best guitar riffs you will hear all year, as well as a sublime solo, which is straight out of the heavy metal
rulebook. In frontwoman Taj Jewett, here we have a hidden gem of a vocalist who is ready to announce herself to
a much wider audience, as her effortless rap vocals and harsh growls bring Otep Shamaya to mind. A strong
chorus backs up the groove-laden verses, underlining the band’s statement of intent whilst proving ‘Insanity’ to be
imperative listening for lovers of heavy metal, the sub-genre of nu metal; and hard rock.

‘Insanity’ is the first song to be released by Fused By Defiance (often stylized as FxD) since their 2016 self-titled
EP, and having announced their return at the back end of 2019, the L.A. mob are ready to take things to the next
level and become a true force in modern metal. A standalone single to whet people’s appetites, ‘Insanity’ focuses
on one of the biggest issues to plague America over the last few years, where a rise in trigger-happy police officers
has led to the deaths of multiple people- many of whom were completely innocent. Often receiving lenient prison
sentences or facing no charges whatsoever from these felonies, tensions across the country are reaching breaking
point, and the band’s guitarist and co-founder- Arnold Quezada, explains why it is time to stand up against corrupt
authorities. “’Insanity’ states that even though we know we are fighting a losing war against an age old power
dynamic, and we know we will most likely lose, we are crazy enough to push back because cops continue to get
away with murder.”

‘Insanity’ is just the beginning of Fused By Defiance’s second coming, but it is also the best song the band has
created to-date. Fans of Rage Against the Machine, Lamb of God, Otep, and even Megadeth will find this right up
their alley, and the message which accompanies the song further enhance FxD’s appeal. Produced by five talented
musicians who are fighting to have their voices heard, ‘Insanity’ confirms that Fused By Defiance are willing to do
whatever it takes to get to where they want to be.

Band Biography

Fused By Defiance originally formed in Los Angeles in 2012, and during their first stint they released the Weapons
of Mass Distraction EP in 2015 (focus track- ‘Paint It Red’), and a self-titled EP in 2016 (focus track- ‘Against the
Wall). Earning a strong and dedicated fan base around L.A., as well as local accolades such as Los Angeles Battle
of the Bands winner for the Ernie Ball/Vans Warped Tour in both 2013 and 2015, Fused By Defiance would then
enter a hiatus in 2017 so the band members could pursue other endeavors.
Midway through 2019, Arnold Quezada and Kevin Cordero (both guitarists and co-founders of the band),
announced the reformation of Fused By Defiance alongside fellow original member Jonathan Sigala (bass), before
welcoming in Ted Kelliher (drums), and Victorya “Taj” Jewett- whose vocal combination of rapping and growling
has already seen her become one of the hottest new frontwomen in metal.
During their stop-start career, Fused By Defiance has already shared stages with the likes of Fear Factory, Soulfly,
P.O.D., Alien Ant Farm, The Offspring, and the legendary Blue Oyster Cult; and the band has become regulars at
the renowned Whisky a Go Go and Viper Room in the heart of Hollywood.
Citing Rage Against the Machine, Korn, Metallica, and Iron Maiden amongst their collective influences, Fused By
Defiance’s brand of rap vocals mixed with modern metal instrumentation will attract them to listeners across the
heavy metal spectrum; and they have never sounded as cohesive as they do today.
Released on March 4, ‘Insanity’ is the first song Fused By Defiance has released in almost four years, with more
new music to follow later in 2020.

Band Line-Up (L-R): Jonathan Sigala, Kevin Cordero, Victorya “Taj” Jewett, Ted Kelliher, Arnold “Hedge” Quezada

Website:  www.fusedbydefiance.com
Facebook: @FusedByDefiance
Instagram: @fusedbydefiance

‘Insanity’ Song Meaning

The song offers a first-hand look by portraying an inappropriate police stop (for those of color in the face of a racist
cop) from the point of view of an individual who is then murdered. In this scene, the officer attempts to get a rise
out of the individual by using things known to push them to their limits (racial slurs, stereotypes, lies etc.) and
succeeds; only to lose control of the situation and murder the individual. And thus the story repeats.
‘Insanity’ represents the argument on police brutality and offers a satirical attempt to express the typical events
that unfold following an unjust murder of an American citizen. Parties who stand on the side of the murdered are
generally discredited to the point of social exile and isolation; a metaphor to the treatment those placed in an insane
asylum also receive.
It states that though we know we are fighting a losing war against an age old power dynamic, and we know we will
most likely lose, we are crazy enough to push back; there-in “this is insanity” describes a double entendre- for it’s
crazy to go up against such a dominant and powerful force, but also it’s crazy that cops continue to get away with
Also, the song says that we the people will stand up and fight against this corruption.

-Taj Jewett


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