Album Review: The Stooges John Cale Mix

By Andy Thunders, Rock N Roll Gypsy

As influential as the four piece from Ann Arbor Michigan are, they still haven’t truly gotten their just due, and today I hope to help bring that one step further with the 50th anniversary of the first Stooges record, they released a limited red black marble edition of the true original version, mixed by John Cale of the Velvet Underground. A totally new way to hear what the album should’ve sounded like from the get go.

Side 1 begins with the nihilistic outcry anthem of 1969, sounding dirtier and fuzzier than ever before, much more primal than the remix done by neglectra records. It’s also gotten the correct speed. The lead breaks of guitar solos at the end just burst out in waves of wah and fuzz like crazy, a lot more chaotic. Wow.

Not Right is up next, with a wee bit more echo on the vocals on this, definitely less polished and sounds in my opinion better. There’s a bit more bottom end and realism. You wanna know the origins of Punk, Heavy Metal, and evening grunge? Late 60s Detroit bands like The MC5 and The Stooges, no fuckin question and there.

Track 3 on this mix is We Will Fall, the eerie Doors esque chanting tune. John Cale no doubt was influential in the Velvet Underground, but he really seemed to understand the Stooges well enough to produce the record like this. The fact the record company rejected this original mix is criminal. The viola at the end played by John Cale as well is fucking gnarly.

Side 2 starts off with yet another boredom anthem No Fun, sounding so much more raw. Such a groove and so brutal. And the solo slowly gets louder and is howling along and just comes to the absolutely front, so god damned dirty. This is rock n roll.

Real Cool time is next sounding quiet in the beginning and then is brought up slowly but then abruptly, nice touch. It’s so much fuller sounding, so bombastic and ballsy.

How next is Ann, a ballad of some degree, with very fuzzy wah drenched guitars, a Doors like vibe here, eerie and intense. The musical builds like an orgasm and hits climax towards the end with guitars just exploding with fuzz and just a wall of psychedelic discord.

Little Doll is up next and has a nice laid back vibe while still yet being so raw and rancid. So damn simple, so damn good.

Last track is the famous song I Wanna Be Your Dog, which sounds a lot different on this and a lot more raw, the intro gets louder with each guitair note, which is fucking awesome. The sleigh bells dominate, and the drums sound so much more real and pounding ,it’s quite wild. This record is a lot trippier too.

This release of of this legendary and humongously influential record is not just another lame remix, this is originally how the record was meant to be released. It is absolutely better than the actual remixed version that neglectra released instead originally.


Side 1

Not Right
We Will Fall

Side 2

No Fun
Real Cool Time
Little Doll
I Wanna Be Your Dog


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  1. Great job my friend, and I can tell you really love fuzzy fuzz! I’ll have to check this out. Thanks for the rundown, and your insight into this classic product!

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