B-Mac Chat with Her Chariot Awaits’ Mike Orlando

Photo By: Junior Carelli

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy

With no live music events happening right now due to the “safe-at-home” order, a person can absolute go nuts at home. Quarantine fatigue is starting to set in on a lot of people, including me. However, there is new music still coming in for us to listen to. Not only new music, but new artists as well. One such artist is a hard rock group with swagger from Frontier Records, calling themselves Her Chariot Awaits. The group was started Adrenaline Mob axe man Mike Orlando, who is getting for the group’s debut release next week. I had the chance to chat with my old comrade in metal arms over the phone and found out what Her Chariot Awaits is all about.

Photo By: Junior Carelli

The first question I obviously had to ask was how he was doing during this insane pandemic we are in. Luckily, he has not caught COVID-19 yet, and that is good to hear because he is asthmatic and lives just outside of New York City. Ever since returning from Europe while on the road opening for Sons of Apollo, he has been working on music non-stop, both writing and producing it. He came with the group’s name after watching his singer, Ailyn (formerly of Sirenia), where a unique outfit and getting into a carriage. A majestic name after witnessing a majestic view. He brought Ailyn on board after hearing her voice, and helping her sing in a different vibe that was not as operatic as she was use it. As far as favorite song to work on with the new record, he does not have one because he liked working on them all.

Photo By: Junior Carelli

We would also discussed how he got in touch with his other members, drummer Jeff Thal and bassist Brian Gearty. Surprisingly, Gearty joined the band after the album was done as Orlando handled the bass riffs himself. Not only did he write Her Chariot Awaits, he also mixed, engineered, and produced it, from what I heard so far, he has done a good job (but we will save that for another time). In terms of touring or playing live, there is no telling when that will happen. He and I agree that it all depends on when this whole shit storm is caput. He hopes to have something going early next year, if not sooner than that. When I asked him about whether he liked the Beatles more or the Rolling Stones, he said he likes them both the same for they are different in style and he just cannot choose, which I appreciate.

It was great talking to Mike again, for the last time I saw him, it was at the NAMM Show in 2019. We had a great conversation, and we both aired out grievances with dealing the coronavirus pandemic. We all want live music to come back very soon, but we are also cautious about it. When this does blow over, Her Chariot Awaits will gallivant me to rock ‘n’ roll paradise, which always a great place to be in. The debut album debuts next week, and I am sure the music fans will feel majestic once they hear it. To Mike Orlando, I salute you. Horns up!!!

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