Burnt Out Wreck at Real Time Live, Chesterfield, England. January 26th 2020

By Richard Gatecliffe

Classic Rock band Burnt Out Wreck take to the stage with ‘Guitars Electrified’.

For me, as a Live Music Photographer 2020 was already mapped out and full of exciting opportunities. At the tail end of 2019, I was invited to shoot Burnt Out Wreck who were in support of The Pete Way Band (Review to follow).

Burnt Out Wreck is the creation of proud Scot and their multi-talented frontman Gary Moat. Gary is the former Drummer of 1980’s Rockers ‘Heavy Pettin’. Let me say that having chatted informally to Gary before the Gig, his energy and enthusiasm to write and perform music makes him the absolute polar opposite of the band title.

He is a man on a mission, and has leapt over his drum kit to take front of stage with the Mic and unleashed a voice that definitely makes you sit up and take notice. To add to his all-round musicianship Gary can also throw on a Les Paul if needs be.

The band took to the stage with a creditable catalogue of two albums to their name with the debut album ‘Swallow’ (Feb 2017) being followed up by ‘This Is Hell’ in October 2019. Suffice to say that Gary’s pedigree shines through as the band enthusiastically thrashed out their head nodding Classic Rock riffs and lyrics with both gusto and tempo.

I was left thinking that this band has always been around and that I had only just managed to catch up with them. It’s hard to imagine that Classic Rock from the era I remember the first time round can still be written in the modern day.

We all know now that it may be sometime before we get to feel the power of live rock music again, but one thing is for sure, Burnt Out Wreck are by no means burnt out. They are waiting with ‘Guitars Electrified’ to entertain you. Point your ears in their direction at https://www.burntoutwreck.com

Full Burnt Out Wreck gallery below:

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