Interview with Zamar Yauw

By Tim Schumann

I had the sheer pleasure of another telephone interview last week with Zamar Yauw, a 25 year old aspiring singer straight outta Nassau, Bahamas currently in Huuston Texas and what an interview it was, I truly had a great time with him and his manager, both so full of energy and life as they both filled me in on as in what has been going on with Zamar.

Now of course, with Covid 19 affecting all of us with no dates, no tours, no nothing at this point, the only thing we do know is as soon as there is a break in the action, we all, including Zamar want to get back to doing what we do best and in Zamar’s case, back on stage entertaining as no other.

I did have the chance to listen to 3 of his songs, the first which was released in February of 2019, it’s called Real Love, quite catchy to say the least. The other two were Let’s Make Moves and his newest single Social Freaks, both of these definitely follow suit to the first. This young man absolutely takes serious pride in what he’s doing as an artist, he’s only been at it for the past 7 years, I can only imagine to where he’ll be in another 7 years, my best guess is, Zamar Yauw is going to be a household word.

He has stated he is ready to get back out on the road, but this time as the headliner. Past touring has been on board as a supporting act on the All Jacked Up Tour, and opening for comedian Reggie Ray He has been well received in New York, Tennessee, Arkansas and Georgia, truth be told Atlanta has stolen his heart and because of this, ATL will be where he kicks off his tour labeled the YauwLife Experience. When asked about the word Yauw, which I noticed he says it in every song, he explains that it means You Are Ultimately Worthy, you are worthy of success, love, joy, happiness, blessings and in the end, at points in between experiencing, in my opinion, love, and I think I speak for us all that there is no greater feeling than love.

Just for fun, I asked if there was just one artist to accompany him as a supporting act on this tour and he never hesitated when he said, Oh, well that would be Kahlid, hands down. His response set me back a bit simply because, I have covered Kahlid twice here in El Paso, he is the classic case of the hometown boy that has done good, Kahlid is huge here in the 915 not the mention, in the music industry, I couldn’t think of a better choice.

Keep a lookout for Zamar’s next release, should be around a month or so, it’s going to be called Elevation and his EP Yauwlife Vol 1: Lover’s Blvd will follow Oct 2020.

In closing, it was a fun and uplifting conversation/ interview, I could hear the excitement in this young man’s voice as we spoke in regards to his accomplishments and his acute plans for the future. I believe his message will equal and or come very close to the message Bob Marley wanted to spread through his music, it’s all about peace, love and togetherness, I think at this day and age, we can all use a little of this.

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