Album Review: Psycle, Kill The Machine

By: Stephanie Stevens

Release Date: June 12, 2020

KILL THE MACHINE is the follow up to the Ep SURFACES by the hard rock band PSYCLE. The band is from Providence, RI and have been on the scene since 2016. The group is no stranger of making melodic driving rock music as band members, Seth Salois-vocals/guitarist, Jay Spyne-drummer, Mike Kaz-bass/vocals and Joe Nicolazzo grab elements of their biggest influences and combine that with the true commitment they have for making music. What I know from PSYCLE is they love to move music lovers with hooky choruses and driving guitar riffs. Once you get a taste of the music, it stays embedded in your memory.

The guys took a good chunk of time to write for this new album KILL THE MACHINE and to be totally honest I have never heard a bigger growth in a band then I did when I took this album for a spin. Musically these guys set a fire to guitar solos, they catch you with these memorizing hooks and the vocals are like night and day, a pure embracement of depth and maturity in the nature of vocal capability.

KILL THE MACHINE (the song) rips right into a riff of melody and reminded me a bit of a Nickelback vibe but put more of a ballsy sound to it and you have the PSYCLE upbeat rocking style. THE OUTSIDER attracted me for the mere fact the guitar playing is like a shining bright moment, took me back to the Kenny Wayne Shepard days. The sultry rocking verses and the driving melody driven chorus just makes the track a standout for sure. KING WITHOUT A THRONE has a darker hard rock drive, love the drumming aspects of the track and the low-end dirty feel. What makes the track even more enhanced and appreciated is this searing and sultry vocal tone. I keep bringing up the vocal department but I truly appreciate the depth and journey they took, especially with this song. It completely draws you in.

Every song has some sort of memorable moment in it but the guys left the absolute gem of a song till the end with WHITE FLAG, I spoke about growth in the band and this song pretty much showcases it all in one flawless moment. The guys didn’t do any crazy tricks to make the song stand out per say but the driving, penetrating elements of gritty rock, simple quieter moments and the appeal of straight forward rock n roll make this song something I think will drive the band to more success then they know what to do with.

Overall KILL THE MACHINE brings out the best of every member of PSYCLE and if you have a passion for bands like Alter Bridge, Sevendust and old school Black Sabbath you might find a gem in PSYCLE.

Track Listing:

“King Without A Throne”
“Kill The Machine”
“The Outsider”
“Changing Tide”
“Vultures At Play”
“Dying To Live”
“Last Chance For The Saints”
“White Flag”

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Facebook: @psycle

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