One Step From Falling Interview

By Stephanie Stevens

ONE STEP FROM FALLING is a band from Syracuse, NY and is amping up the music world with a new genre of musical soundscapes in the form of “Heady Metal.”


This 5 piece ambient band consists of Steve Reith-voice, Josh Skellett-thick strings, Pete Krell-Lead strings, Bob Bardou-strings and Ty Gleason-War drums. They found a home at Pavement Entertainment and just released the bands over exploding gift of music on STUCK ON THE WAYSIDE.  On first listen I got a hint of Chevelle-esque ambiance but ONE STEP FROM FALLING enhances that with so much more depth and blistering and poignant moments. CLOVER delivers with emotional dark appeal, DEMONS is light and airy, LUNGA LA  STRADA is just tribal, haunting 2 plus minute of intrigued to start off the disc you just yearn for me.

STUCK ON THE WAYSIDE is a real joy and journey inside the world of ONE STEP FROM FALLING. I had a chance to ask drummer Ty Gleason what “Heady Metal” is about, the artsy way they approach creating and much more

Tell me about ONE STEP FROM FALLING (OSFF) and how you guys joined forces to create this band and is this the originally lineup since the start in 2011?

Ty – The band started back in 2011 when Steve, Pete and Bob who were good friends growing up, started jamming together on weekends wherever they could find a spot to make some noise. Eventually, the material started flowing and the guys decided to start getting more serious about writing and bringing the band to life. In 2013, Josh joined the band, replacing the original bass player and that’s when things really started to take shape..and take off. That lineup remained unchanged until early last year when the band decided to look for a dedicated drummer so that Steve, who was pulling double duty by singing AND playing drums could step out from behind the kit and concentrate on just fronting the band. So, 4 became 5 and it’s been a ride ever since.

you have been dubbed “Heady Metal” was this a band definition of your sound? and what exactly can people except from a description like that?

Ty –Haha..that’s been a very popular question as of late. We’ve always felt that our music was a bit more “cerebral” for lack of a better term, than a lot of the music being written these days. Our music is very nuanced in a way; a maturity to the writing that we believe adds to its uniqueness. We have been asked many times to define what genre best describes our music and we, as well as others, always find it difficult to answer that question. So, we coined the term “Heady Metal” years ago because we really felt our music was unique enough to warrant its own genre.  So, we did…we created a genre of our own and it just stuck…pun intended. We believe it’s a perfect description of our overall sound. We want to make you think a little bit when you’re listening to this record.

You just released STUCK ON THE WAYSIDE a very artsy, soundscape of adventure album. How do you feel the album has evolved from your older discs STUCK and THE WAYSIDE?

Ty –  Stuck on the Wayside is just our two previously released records combined to make one release. When we signed with Pavement, we discussed the direction this record should take with them and we decided collectively that we didn’t want to leave anything off of this release. The records flowed so nicely together that it just makes for a killer album. Can’t go wrong with 15 songs and over an hours’ worth of Heady Metal.

If you could point to one song off the new release that in your opinion was the most adventurous and symbolizes a great growth in your songwriting as a band what one and why?

Ty – That’s a tough question and one that we’d all probably answer differently. What makes this record so solid is that we show you many sides of OSFF. We can be heavy, melodic, ethereal…and sometimes all in the same song! That’s what we want to convey. The many facets of the band and how we’ve evolved over the years between recording these songs. Listen to Wayside, Demon and Paroxysm and you’ll see three unique sides of OSFF that make this record so solid.

How has it been having Pavement Entertainment a part of the OSFF  family and what made you want to work with them?

Ty – It’s been great. Tim, Mark..the entire Pavement family has been very good to us and things have been going very well. The decision to work with them was pretty easy. When we decided as a band that we needed to take this thing to the next level, Pavement was an obvious choice for their reputation in the music business. Very blessed to be a part of such a great label.

On social media along with your Videos for singles you put out. You guys put a lot of thought about being colorful and interesting in creating visual appeal to your music and to giving fans update on the band. Do you feel that is a big part about standing out as a band and is it a band collaboration putting everything together?

Ty – Yeah just like we want our music to be unique sonically, we want our band to be just as unique visually. That is why we strive so hard to be as different as possible from the rest of the bands that are on the scene today. Just watch the newest video for our first single Lung Butter and you can tell right away that we are just a bit off center for lack of a better term. There’s SOOO many bands out there today that you have to separate yourselves from the masses any way you can.

Being the music world is on a stand still when it comes to shows and touring for you guys as a visual band it seems how has your outlook changed on the future of this huge cut to the music world?

Ty – We try not to think about it too much. We do what we do regardless of how things are being impacted right now. Our outlook has not changed. We are continuing to shoot killer videos and write new material for the next released. No rest for the wicked as they say.

5 facts people may not know about band members of the whole band in itself?

Ty – I’m not even going to go there. Most of those things are highly classified and/or not suitable for most interviews lol!

Any other news you want to share about new stuff coming soon from the band?

Ty –  Lots of stuff in the works. Keep an eye on all of our social media for new updates and content. We try to keep a tight lid on things until we feel it’s the right time to release something. Timing is everything in this business.

Lastly any words of enlightenment to fans or just music lovers in general reading this you can give to people during these crazy times?

Ty –  Choose love. Stay positive. Listen to OSFF and rest assured, we’ll be back out there soon, bringing some Syracuse- style Heady Metal to a city near you.




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