A Quarantined Collaboration Across the U.S. Featuring The Living Dead Drummer Nick Mason!

Nick Mason, “Through the magic of remote recording, I’ve been able to connect and work with musicians from all over the world. This song was written by Justin Blair, and includes contributions from musicians spanning multiple states, many whom have never met in person.”

“When I started writing this tune, I had no idea I would eventually get to put this thing together with so many phenomenal musicians from all across the country. The quarantine has forced musicians to adapt – trying everything from remote recording to virtual concerts, so this was such a fun way to connect and collaborate without being able to meet up in person. And to that end, what better subject to write a quarantined song about, than the quarantine itself? Combining talents from the East Coast, West Coast, South, Southwest, and Midwest, here’s our tongue-in-cheek ode to the lockdown; “Dancing With My Shadow”….” -Justin Blair

The Players (and where to check out their stuff!) :
Rosalind A. Darbeau – Violin – rosalinddarbeau.com
Mia Grodsky – Vocals
Nick Mason – Drums – www.livingdeaddrummer.com
Jp Pitts – Bass
Alex Librie – Lead Guitar, Vocals – @made_of_blocks / @alxplayedguitar
JD McGibney – Lead Guitar – www.OnTheWingsOfDragons.com
Justin Blair – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Keys – www.shiver.band / www.villainsinvogue.com Written and produced by Justin Blair–
Connect with Nick Mason:


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