The Taylor Colson Interview

By: Stephanie Stevens

Vulnerability such a passionate word, TAYLOR COLSON entrances you with so much of it on her debut single release for HURT ME that you feel everything she is releasing. A song co-written by early Halsey collaborater Dylan Jackson Scott, they have brought out pure emotion of pain and longing that feels so real you automatically bleed with her and believe her ache. She takes you on a vocal adventure with all the alluring tones, its beauty and emotional. Combine that with a very delicate and enpowering video, that she did solely on her own. This girl has some pure raw talent.

TAYLOR is no newbie to the performing game and she has gained a substantial fan base from the social networks, especially on Youtube. In 2020 she is ready to release more of her beauty to the world and HURT ME is a truly great start.

I had a chance to speak with Taylor about her start at a young age, her tour in Europe in 2019 and what what is in the future for this amazing artist.

Q: Your story is so inspiring. Did you choose at a young age to get into acting or do you have a family member that helped you with that and how did you know at a young age this was something you needed in your life?

A: Thank you so much! When I was young I was very shy so my mom put me in an acting class in hopes that it would help me to open up more. During the classes is when I fell in love with performing. Looking back, I’m singing in almost all of my home videos from such a young age! I guess it always came natural to me.
Q: You have a musical theater background – did that help you build your vocal capacity and learning to take care of your voice, singing night after night?

A: Definitely. I started vocal training around age 5 and really had to learn how to sing properly to not hurt my voice. Being classically trained has helped me figure out my sound and allowed me to incorporate a theatrical feel to all my music, which is very important to me!
Q: ‘Hurt Me’ is your debut single with a very emotionally geared lyrical journey. What do you hope people take away, after listening to this song?

A: I think we’ve all had a time in our lives where we’ve experienced guilt in some sort of capacity. It could be in a relationship, something to do with family, really anything. I’m hoping that people listening will tell me that they’ve felt the same way as me and know that it’s okay to have those feelings.
Q: What do you love the most about collaborating with the team you have as far as songwriting?   How do they push you to be better?

A: I’m so incredibly grateful to have the team that I have. Not only are they all so incredibly talented, but they are the most humble, genuine, and just all around amazing people that truly feel like family to me. I won’t ever settle. I always want to push myself, and want the people around me to push me to be the best version of myself that I can be. My team does just that. I don’t like “yes” people. I need the people that I surround myself with to tell me the truth and help me be better every single day. How do you grow without that?
Q: The ‘Hurt Me’ video was shot solely by you.  Was it harder being the director and performer, rather than have a crew?  Do you hope to make more of these in the future?

A: It was a new and interesting experience for me since I had never shot a music video before. I had a great time doing it and was pleasantly surprised at how vulnerable I was able to be since I was the only one in the room. Usually you have a lot of people around you while you’re shooting, so I thought it was a great learning experience for me to do it alone. I’ll be able to go into future video shoots with a whole new perspective.
Q: Do you have other songs finished, and will you be releasing an EP in the not too distant future?  If so – are the songs similar in sound, or more diversified musically?

A: I’ve been working on a lot of new music and am focusing on releasing singles for right now. All the songs tap into a different part of my voice and who I am, which I think is really cool. I’m very excited to start releasing my music into the world!
In 2019 you toured in Europe. How was that experience? Were the crowds different from what you’ve experienced in the US?

A: It was my first time going to Europe and it was even more magical than I hoped it would be. It was absolutely beautiful as were all the people. The crowds were really amazing and showed a lot of love. Really, really amazing place and I can’t wait to go back!
What is the most important thing about music/art that can help people in your opinion?

A: We all need something to believe in and music helps people believe in something. That’s fucking special.
Q: Empower another artist by telling us about someone you admire and why you admire them.

A: My parents. They are actual superheroes. They have been supportive of my crazy dreams since day one and have never doubted me for one second. They’ve showed me what hard work can do and have always pushed me to reach my full potential. They really shaped the person I am today and I just love them so much!


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