Zero Theorem Interview

By: Stephanie Stevens

ZERO THEOREM is setting the rock community a blaze with their blend of hard rock/metal songwriting and encompassing the futuristic animation visual aspects to the music to let fans have a full on sensation to what the band is all about. SWARM the bands newest creation defines both aspects to a tee!

The song mocks the overly self-indulgent, who chooses lives of carefree superficiality. The track in no way bleeds negativity but the band wants you to think about facing challenges with realistic and constructive attitudes. I love how this band also always tries to enlighten and push people into positive positions while slaying the game with an amazing metal soundscape; and that is truly what SWARM does.

A perfect expression of emotional value to go with the year that 2020!

ZERO THEOREM has been building a cult following since 2018 when they released the EP, ATARAXIS, which gave us the brilliance of singles BECOMING and AREA, both receiving rave placements on major streaming services.

In 2019 THE KILLING EP was given to the fans and produced the mighty single and video for YOU.

Now, Caesar-vocals, Roy Lev-Ari- guitar, Max Georgiev-guitar, Eloy Palacios-bass and Jake Hayden-drums are set to unleash the 2nd installament THE KILLING II, EP and if the sounds of it are anything like SWARM we are in for big things!


I had a chance to speak with frontman. Caesar about the connection of both EPs, how important a visual aspect is to the bands music and what he hopes people remember about the bands music.
Q: During 2020 seems you have been busy writing for THE KILLING II EP coming out later this year. How easy was it to find inspiration to write for you guys and was anything difficult about the process?

A: The EP was completed along with THE KILLING I before 2020 began.  One of the major themes throughout the entirety of THE KILLING recordings is that suffering is inherent to life itself.  Much of what was written and produced before resonates even more in 2020.
Q: The newest track ‘SWARM’ relates to feelings of rage and loss of self control. During these days it seems a brilliant song to release. In your own words how would you tell fans to deal with these feelings?

A:That is an interesting take and certainly valid.  For us, “Swarm” highlights the struggle between authenticity and blissful ignorance.  Regardless of the struggle, our advice is to try one’s best to adopt a realistic and constructive approach.
Q: THE KILLING I’ EP came out earlier this year. How do the two EPs connect and what defines the element of divide to make them there own identities?

A: THE KILLING was originally conceived as a complete album, and the songs from both EPs share a thematic bond as mentioned above.  The separation of the two was a natural progression with THE KILLING I being more familiar to the debut ATARAXIS EP and THE KILLING II further exploring newer possibilities for the band.
Q: One thing I love about the band is how on the forefront you are with visually conceptalizing songs with videos. How do you think this changes the depth and character of the song?

A: Thank you!  We appreciate that!  We’ve always wanted the project to be a multi-media experience, and we continue to make plans for live performances, audio, and video to connect together in an interesting and engaging way.  Watching the video for “Swarm” can definitely add layers to the experience of the song, although we encourage viewers to draw their own conclusions.  In the future, the hope is to expand the Zero Theorem universe to the point where the songs and videos can stand on their own while also being part of a larger story.
Q: Are you as a band as involved in the visual part as you are in the songwriting and what defines for you the art director/video director that you want to work with?

A: We are involved in the process with every video.  Depending on the song and situation, directors will require more or less input from the band.  We enjoy bringing our ideas to the table and working with others to produce something visually engaging.  The best scenario is to find a director that seems to intuitively understand the ZT vibe and what we are trying to convey with an idea.  It’s also important for a director to speak openly about what can be accomplished.
Q: What is the most important thing about music/art that can help people in your opinion?

A: That’s tough to answer definitively, since we believe art can have a multitude of positive effects.  More generally speaking, great music or art provides a spark of inspiration.  It can provide a catalyst for change that might not have occurred otherwise.
Q: What do you hope people will remember most about your art and music?

A: First, we hope enough people are able to experience it and help the journey continue, since it feels like we’re just getting started!  Having said that, the work is meant to be a source of entertainment, catharsis, and camaraderie.  We hope people remember ZT as a band that produced emotionally charged music with a thoughtful and creative spin.
Q: If you could give people struggling with finding a passion they love to do, what advice would you tell them?

A: Take notice of what your priorities are or what you feel they should be.  Sometimes people struggle with inspiration because they aren’t sufficiently healthy or haven’t grappled with underlying issues.  Also, try new experiences and be willing to study or practice new skills in order to improve at them.  Lastly, don’t give up.  Seek support and encouragement from others and keep exploring what life may have to offer.
Q: Empower another artist by telling us about someone you admire and why you admire them?

A: Trent Rezor is admired by many, and our guess is that he isn’t lacking in empowerment, but we certainly receive a great deal of inspiration from him.  He seems to exude authenticity and has produced numerous artistic projects, including movie and television scores, that continue to be influential.


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