Album Review: Repentance, God For a Day

By: Stephanie Stevens

REPENTANCE a band that was formed by a former frontman/rapper in Stuck Mojo Robby Fonts and a veteran and well known guitar player in the music world Shaun Glass. Glass who always had that hidden potential to go full fledge metal on us has finally done it with this new band. Along with these noted musicians I mentioned above REPENTANCE is rounded out by the artistry of Kanky Lora on drums, Mike Sylvester on bass and Markus Johansson on guitar. This debut album GOD FOR A DAY is a metal fans dream come true and I reckon I have found the album of the year of 2020! The band didn’t just make songs they made a metal story tale (like a fairytale but not so cutesy…because this is fuckin metal people!?

But on a serious note I literally was blown away on first listen to this album and was a bit nervous to write a review because how do you write about brilliance. The album will assault your ear holes with all metal genres from the straight forward devil horns up Metal, to the black metal darkness, to the grit of Thrash metal its all perfectly incorporated without being over emphasized in any one genre. This American band brought the no hold bars attitude of the European music community, which is write what you love and fuck the rest!. The outcome is an impactful and solid album that will be a classic over time. The raging assault in ONLY THE DAMNED DIE YOUNG is seriously infectious. The vocal patterns rage with a low end brutality to high octane screams that make an impactful statement in this song and throughout. ENTER THE GALLOWS waves the metal flag high and proud; its grueling, driving and headbanging to the core. BORN TO CHOOSE and DELIVERANCE reminded me of what got me into metal in the first place and that was way back in the day when the band Sanctuary came out and I was hooked. These two songs brought me back to those day and gave me a reminder that artists can still make real metal in this day and age. the track GOD FOR A DAY has some of the best guitar slaying ever. But the show stopper and all out must hear on this album is track three, the song CLARITY! It defines and possesses the talent in each and ever band member that gave his blood sweat n tears to make this debut. The energy, the driving elements and the power of this song just hands down gave me chills and made me love what music was meant to do for people, make them feel emotion!

GOD FOR A DAY gives you the metal you have been lacking for many years. REPENTANCE is a band made up of such talentened musicians and the creativity to me is so organic and natural from track to track that everyone involved on this album should be so proud of this finished product!! METAL is back in full swing guys and if you sleep on this album you are missing out.

Track Listing:

01. Repentance (Intro)
02. Only The Damned Die Young
03. Clarity
04. God For A Day
05. Snake-Oil Humanitarian
06. Enter the Gallows
07. Where Vultures Gather
08. Born to Choose
09. Deliverance


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