Laynes Calling Interview

By: Stephanie Stevens

After 15 years playing guitar Joey Cox turned to the frontman position and showcasing his vocal talents. LAYNES CALLING was born in 2018 with Cox settling into this new journey as a musician and he was surrounded by some influential and motivating factors as in bandmates Rich Brown-guitar, Brandon Smith-guitar, Matt Harvey-bass and Nate Woods-drums.

The guys recently just released their first self titled EP with 6 songs that are filled with southern gritty rock, driving powerful melody; add in the flair of Coxs vocals that embrace delicate rock grace with in your face infectious energy and smoldering almost entrancing rough n rugged vocal elements its a blend of the next southern success story in the rock n roll community.

LAYNES CALLING has solid tunes, a great story and if the plague of 2020 would let us get back to normal this band is going to kill stages all around the country.

I had a chance to speak with Joey about the band name, switching gears and roles as a musician and much more.

Q: What does the band name LAYNES CALLING mean to you guys as a band and who came up with it?

A: After the release of Not Well and garnering attention from several different infulential sources and after recieving a distribution deal with Pavement Entertainment, I decided it would probably be best to put together a band it just so happened we received our contract with Pavement on the anniversary of Layne Stayleys death!
Q: After many years of guitar playing, you made a change to frontman. Was there a missing element in vocal ability you thought you could bring or was it more of the idea of being able to release emotional energy being a singer/frontman?

A:  Yes, there was a huge missing element we didnt have one.  Lol.  All kidding aside, I never considered myself a vocalist until after being pushed by my wife to write lyrics for Not Well!
Q: Do you still have a big part in the guitar writing for the band now a days also?

Answer:  Yes, I actually play guitar on every track of the e.p.  Im consistantly writing new riffs at home to bring to the table for the band to mess with!
Q: The band formed in 2018 so still a baby band. Where did you find the rest of the band members and what attributes did they have that made you want them to be a part of this band?

A:  I was introduce to Rich our guitarist through a mutual friend,  Rich had just left the band FLAW and he could really throw down on guitar and had the ability to match what i was doing, he then brought in our rythm guitarist Brandon who also had the ability to slay so he fit right in, Brandon in turn brought Matt our bassist in and Matt instantly proved that he could not old play but he could put on a show and bring a different energy, Brandon also introduced us to our drummer (Mad) Mike Calvert and if you see this guy play you will understand the reason behind his nickname.  Its not very often you will meet a guy that goes out and leaves every ounce of energy, blood, sweat, and tears all on stage and in every rehearsal.
Q: The self titled Ep Is your first music the world will be hearing as Laynes calling. How would you describe the tone and ambiance of the songs on this disc?

A: The E.P. has a little bit of everything for every music listener,  because it was written over several different time periods in my life. Its kind of a journey through my happiest of times to some of the darkest days i’ve experienced.  So to give a specific theme or tone I would say its very blunt and in your face!!
Q: Did you take any new approaches in songwriting that you never had going into this new band?

A:  Not really, my song writing process has always been pretty basic.  I dont lay scratch tracks I might go into the studio with absolutely nothing in mind, but I always leave feeling relieved and free and with a new song.
Q: How much did you learn from each other putting the songs together and do you feel writing is always a way to learn more about each other, being a new band or even if you had been together for many many years?

A: our guys came in pretty close to the end of the recording process for the E.P so there is still a certain mystery there, and we are still learning little things about each other all the time, I think that’s kind of part of the evolution of any band, as more time goes on our ideas and beliefs may change but one thing is always constant the energy we bring to the studio amd stage.
Q: Why did you choose NOT WELL as your platform single for the EP? Was there a defining moment recording it when you knew that had to be the song that the world heard first?

A: A: Not Well was my first professional production, and was my very first release to the world to kind of test the waters and see if it was something that could stick.
Q: What is the most important thing about music/art that can help people in your opinion?

A:   I think theres something special in music that alot of artforms fail to do and that it has the ability to connect to listener on so many different emotional levels.  If your sad you can turn to music, if your happy, mad, etc.. music is always there.
Q: What do you hope people will remember most about ur art/music?

A:  That no matter how dark of a road your on there is always a light to bring you back to center!!
Q:If you could give people struggling with finding a passion they love to do, what advice would you tell them?

A:  Thats a tough question its hard for me to give someone advice to pursue a subject matter that they arent even sure they want to pursue.
Q: Empower another artist by telling us someone u admire and why you admire them?

A:  My biggest inspiration in my life and someone i truly admire would have to be my wife..  my wife believed in me when no one else did, she pushed me to follow my dreams and she held not only the house down but our finances as well as i pursued music.  She does all this battling chronic illnesses just because she believes in me.  So my wife will always be the person i admire most!!

Instagram: @laynes_calling
Facebook: @layne’scalling

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