NONPOINT, Robb Rivera Interview

Photo By: Francesca Ludikar

By: Stephanie Stevens

The rock community got a gift when the band NONPOINT emerged 20 years ago with the debut album STATEMENT. On this anniversary year the band is gifting the music world with a very special live stream performance of the album on Oct 10th, 2020. To be a part of this go to to grab your tickets and relive the impact of what this album did to the rock world.

Robb Rivera, drummer of the band and founding member has also impacted the world with his driving, powerful and passionate drumming technique and solid and energy driven live show vibe. While the impact that 2020 has put on musicians worldwide, this guy has not only been in full writing mode with the band he has enhanced his podcast, revamped his clothing line standstrongclothingcompany and has started a youtube channel of drumming covers.

I had the ability to talk to this talented human about it all. Read on to find out more about this drummer, entrepreneur and the band he has put his heart n soul into.


Photo By: Francesca Ludikar

Q: What intrigued you about the drums that made you want to make this a career for you?

A: Honestly, just loved music. After seeing that first band (Cardinal Sun) at a friends party, I knew right then and there what I wanted.
Q: What was the first song you learned to play on drums?

A:I Love Rock n Roll by Joan Jett
Q: If you could learn another instrument what would it be and why?

A: Well my first instrument was guitar. I also play bass, percussion and some keyboard:
Q: Who is a drummer you currently look up to and what is it about them you like?

A: Neil Peart (RIP) from Rush will always be that guy. Just loved what he did with the songs.
Q: If you have met that person you look up to what is one thing you took away from that conversation with them?

A: When I met Vinnie Paul, he told me to have fun with the drums. Not over play and play for the song.

Photo By: Francesca Ludikar

Q: You currently started doing drum covers on your youtube channel. Going into different genres of music how is this enhancing your drum technique?

A: Don’t think it has enhanced anything technical wise: I am just having fun playing them. I get to be creative on other people’s work.
Link to youtube:
Q: How can you define the journey your band NONPOINT has had all these years? And is there one highlight that still humbles you knowing ur artistry has moved a music community?

A: Endurance. We have been to hell and back many times. Playing the ozzfest in 2001 is still my biggest guest highlight: a summer I will never forget:
Q: Is NONPOINT working on new material for a future release and how has the music grown?

A: We are always writing no matter what: we have grown as players that is for sure but we are looking at back to the roots style for future stuff.
Q: Along with music your Podcast ( Robbcast podcast) is taking off also. What made you get into that and what can people look forward to in your episodes if they tune in?

A: If they listen one thing they will learn is my love for music. Especially 80s metal and thrash. They will also hear experiences that I have had on the road and also offer lots of advice.
Q: If you could give people struggling with finding a passion they love to do, what advice would you tell them?

A: To see it through: I never gave up on music. Once I knew that is what I wanted I never stopped pursuing it. No matter what you love, go out and make it happen.
Q: Empower another artist by telling us someone u admire and why you admire them?

A: I don’t admire any person in particular but I admire people with amazing work ethic. Hard work is my biggest pet peeve. I love being pushed and I love to push people.



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