Album Review: Greg Puciato, Child Soldier: Creator of God

By: Stephanie Stevens

Greg Puciato has made exceptional music from his hay das in Dillinger Escape Plan to his other projects Black Queen and Killer be Killed, but on this first solo escapade CHILD SOLDIER: CREATOR OF GOD he just created a masterpiece.

This album sucked me in emotionally! I feel like this is him as an artist and creator releasing his full truth and admiration for the growth and the visions he has accumulated through all his years. The album is so experimentally free that you cannot pin point it into the rabbit hole of genre labeling. I love that about it. Each song is a new representation but guiding you into the same emotional senses throughout the disc; from haunting dark and somber elements, to the light and airy electronic pop sensations to the more aggressive, grinding and demanding jolts of noise and debauchery.

The softness that starts out SEPTEMBER CITY, the vocal whispers and rich guitars laid out a calm sense of ending with beauty, but then transcends and twists with more energy, fighting spirit with more demanding vocals and captured me and made me realize how much true talent can come from one artist; a song that sold me on this whole album. Completely and utterly perfection.

HEAVEN OF STONE the short intro track introduces you to the light and beauty of voice and guitar and sends you into the voyage of light industrial electro soundscapes with CREATOR OF GOD. A track that brought to light the influence of Nine Inch Nails and to me that is always a plus. DEEP SET is another favorite of mine reminding me of Manson and Puciato’s vocals are just alluring and softly demented with the sex appeal and manic attributes. FIRE FOR WATER is one of the Industrial ragers allowing the aggressive tones to freely come out. TEMPORARY OBJECT and A PAIR OF QUESTIONS glaze your emotions with more of that soft electro pop sound and it just blends into the aurora of the record so seamless and perfect. I never realized what a great vocal capability Puciato had, so it was great to hear it added to his artistry. DO YOU NEED ME TO REMIND YOU sets the pace of beauty and rage and probably another solid track not to miss on the record. ROACH HISS this one bleeds with anger, hostility chaos and metal implications. I could go on forever but this record is just a must listen to if you are ready too be taken away to a place of beauty, rage and no boundaries.

So I ask you, do you enjoy music that delivers no obligations no style and no restrictions? Do you feel Music should have you feeling and making you feel like you don’t have to fake anything? Do you love going on journeys and adventures? Then this release CHILD SOLDIER: CREATOR OF GOD by the diverse and talented GREG PUCIATO is a must have in your collection.

Track Listing:

Heaven of Stone
Creator of God
Fire for Water
Deep Set
Temporary Object
Do You Need Me to Remind You?
Roach Hiss
Down When I’m Not
You Know I Do
Through the Walls
A Pair of Questions
September City

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