By: Stephanie Stevens

I love a story of finding your voice again when you think you’re in the darkest place. I love a story of finding your reason for life and passion; then taking that energy and going full force into reemerging and releasing your true self. That is survival people and the gentleman, Julien Jorgensen and Matty McCloskey have not only done that but come alive with the new single REMEMBER ME?

REV THEORY is alive and well with a new vision a new attitude and fire inside them that has bled out into this newest single.

On a truly serious note, why hasn’t Matty been singing from the beginning!! This guy has a sound that is so raw powerful, gritty and appealing to rock radio. REMEMBER ME? On a musical level shines with no hold barred attitude, stinging elements of hard rock spirit and melody driven signatures the band has always possessed.

I had a chance to speak with Julien Jorgensen about the start of the new Revelation, The Rev Fans and how he feels the band has evolved.

Q: First off Welcome back!!! Can you let people know what was the moment you knew REV THEORY still had life and what inspired it?


A: Why thank you!! I think we knew over a year ago, I had been stricken with a pretty bad neck and back injury and I had been dealing with depression to a level I had never before, Darkest hours, turned to the Revelation Theory community, posted up BROKEN BONES and asked if anyone could feel me right now. The response was palpable, I realized that we had something that most outfits struggled with, we had a heartbeat, something that people were still moved by, and that in turn moved me in the right direction. Dean O from DNS agency had kept in contact with me, and asked if it was something I was still interested in doing, I reached out to Matty and the rest is becoming history.

Q: What was it about Matty and his vocal abilities you guys knew he had to take the helm?


A: I always knew that Matty was a special singer and artist, we had been making our own recordings, writing and producing our own songs and Matty had been singing on them, as early as ‘OVER THE LINE’ from TIC, he sang on the demos for much of “THE REVELATION’ He just had a hunger and dynamism, an inherent rage that I felt if we cultivated could make him a heavy weight.

Q: Have you enlisted other musicians to round out the band?


A: Not yet we have identified a number of incredible creative collaborators, such as V from Violent Idols, and Mogli on the visual end, we are going to keep it focused and tight, and if and when we hit the Live button we will figure out what we need and bring on board the death squad.

Q: You guys kept the band name also, was there any thought on a change and what has the past Rev Theory band name mean to you?


A: We have always been REVELATION THEORY, we just shortened it when we signed with Interscope, it will always stand for REVELATION THEORY. And the Revelation OG’s feel me out there. I think more than ever there is an underlying connection to all those knowing or unknowing addicts of the apocalypse. We live in a constant state of hoping for the Revelation, however religiously misguided it fuels progress with an internal compass. That being said a name is a name is a name, so we don’t think it matters, what matters is the music.

Q: REMEMBER ME?, first track back and you guys have taken control from producing the song to the video. Had you always been hands on, and if not how does it feel to have a full control on everything?


A: It feels GRRRRREAT! Lol! Really though we have always dreamed to have this opportunity where we could play creative quarterback on all things art and on the business side, so to have the partners in DNS and FUEL that just let us be creative on ideation on both the music and visual is truly a quantum leap forward for us. Matty and I have always had a very healthy creative relationship and we’ve both learned so much over the years, mostly by failing over and over again, but that being said, at this point in our careers, we feel we are ready for this responsibility.

Q: How do you feel as musicians you guys have evolved since the release of THE REVELATION?

A: Well to be honest I am still a hack on the guitar, a complete monkey lol, I can’t speak for Matty but I feel I have evolved my approach, beginning with experimenting with tones and structure, orchestration and applying more color when creating. I have been thinking deeply about the philosophy of sound and art in general. Why we make things, our deepest intentions. This, in the end, is what I feel we will all be remembered for.

Q: You guys had said something about a band being a business. Had you always had that ideology about it and also do you feel a lot of bands fall off because that don’t have that mentality, they think it’s just making songs and rocking!


A: Well we learned the hard way, by failing, we failed on an animated series, and on a podcast, and then in our business, time and time again. Because of all that miss stepping, it has allowed us the perspective to make the necessary adjustments, like any business, you have to pivot to survive and thankfully now we are retooled and refocused, taking all those failures and applying the knowledge of what not to do, that is the gold.

Q: Are you focusing on finishing a full length or do you feel in this time and age of the music world singles are the way to go to keep fans motivated?


A: I think album, but dripped out in singles, as we toy with the idea of alternate universes, we can also experiment with alternate timelines, we are light years ahead in our thinking about how to connect with people all over the world but the industry is still mainly stuck in an older slower archaic model, make record, single go to radio, tour, promote, repeat. I’d like, with this new generation of REVELATION THEORY apply, a single by single release every 4-6 weeks, culminating into an album release at the end with a new refocused approach globally on what’s working and where. During this timeline, we can still go to radio having the traditional radio. That way everyone can win and in places where things are resonating we can add FUEL to fire creating a bigger splash and ultimately reaching more people for years to come.

Q: What does it mean to you that fans are still here for you and supporting you and has that been a big factor of going forward?


A: The fans are everything, it’s our only advantage, we have absolutely no support from anyone else, just our internal team and the RT faithful. You can’t build anything from smoke and mirrors and in today’s day and age we all have the same access to distribution which was before controlled by a select hierarchy, so if today we have access to the fans, why would need the industry insiders, or any or the old model parrots. What we do need right now is marketing dollars but only to reach ACTUAL FANS. Sadly, FB creates paywalls to advertise and promote to your own community, and Apple, Spotify, and the rest of the DSP’s keep it secret as to peoples specific profiles, once we break down those barriers, the skies the limit!

Q: Have you guys started a record label also? Or did i just dream that?


Yes! Five Mønkey!

Q: If you could give people struggling with going full-fledged into a passion they love but afraid of failing what advice would you tell them?


A: I would say, it’s not failing, its learning, and if you learn enough by failing, and if you have the whit’s to be self-effacing and to make course corrections in your approach then you will turn that failure in wisdom and knowledge, which ultimately will be the power you will need to succeed.

Q: Empower another artist by telling us someone u admire and why you admire them? 


A: Henry Rollins. I am just enamored by his life and am so inspired by commitment to the arts, as an artist, as a thinker, I think he is driven by that compass that moves us without a knowing of why.







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