THE LONELY ONES bass player Jimmy Tolland Interview

By: Stephanie Stevens @romper.chic instagram

The vocal harmony infused rock band THE LONELY ONES made the band’s debut blast back onto the scene in March 2020 and has been releasing straight fire since then. The debut song THE LONELY ONE had rock fans pumping their fists and singing along to this melodic, catchy and vocal rich little ditty. ETERNAL SADNESS had the quirky and uplifting energy dosage of melody driven rock spirits but burns with a very important and lyrically potent message about depression. The guys weren’t done yet and went into full blown inspiration as they conquered and covered a classic Queen song, FLASH/THE HERO which got the attention of members of the band themselves and put the band in the zone! With the guys on a creative journey they have just recently released some REAL BIG TROUBLE with the bands newest release.

Marty McCoy—guitar/vocals, Jake Earley-guitar/vocals, Tommy Johnson-drums and Jymmy Tolland—bass/vocals are always pushing the boundaries in songwriting, one of the hardest working bands out there in today’s genre and probably the biggest road warriors out in the scene.

I had a chance to catch up with bassist Jymmy Tolland and ask him about the future for them on touring, the new songs and band and who inspires him.

Q: THE LONELY ONES, you guys made your debut right when the craziness of 2020 happened. How have you dealt with the changes in the music world and has it in anyway affected your plans for the band?

A: Covid completely changed our plans for 2020. We released our 1st single the same week that most states shut down their entire economies. We are experienced and are most comfortable on stage, so we’ve had to focus and pivot on putting our energy into releasing more music and more videos. This is new for us but is definitely been a fun experience.

Q:You guys had a band name change why did you decide on a new identity and how is your mindset and focus on music evolved with the new band?

A: This is not just a name change. This is a completely new band with new ideals, a new sound, and a new brand entirely. We started THE LONELY ONES with the intent of creating with no prior expectation about what we would end up with.

Q: ETERNAL SADNESS was your first release and a huge signature, but for me seems to be a more layered and intricate song compared to older tunes. How would you describe the musical vision you had when going into write this one?

A: I think ETERNAL SADNESS is a pretty good mission statement for what we created early on in our career as musicians. We have vintage rock and roll influences but all want to put a much more modern and heavier twist on them. Vocal harmonies are also extremely important to us and I don’t think we will create anything without them.

Q: Lyrically you touch on a very important reality driven concern about suicide. Why was this something to release now and do you have advice for people going through troubled times?

A: We picked ETERNAL SADNESS for the reasons I already said. It just so happened that we released it the same week as a major cultural shift that really put mental health in the forefront of a lot of people’s minds. Hopefully it gave some people some insight but I would be lying if I said the timing was intentional.

Q: The video for the single is totally your style for visual impact to your songs. Who came up with the idea and how was the shooting process?

A: Thank you. Marty, and myself along with Keith Williams of Island Road Media all shared directing duty for the musical performance aspect of the ETERNAL SADNESS video. All of the story line was completely from Marty’s head, though. He did a great job putting what was in his mind to film, alongside Keith.

Q: Your Queen cover got some great words from the guys of the band. How do you even take a hold of words from the creators like that?

A: I’m going to get Brian May and Sam Jones’s quotes about our Queen cover printed, framed and hung on my wall. I think that says it all

Q: In your career you have done other covers how do you even approach taking another artists music for yourself and is there anyone that you wouldn’t touch?

A: No. In fact, untouchable covers are specifically the ones I think are most interesting to take on. In my career I’ve helped cover Pink Floyd and Queen. A No. In fact, untouchable covers are specifically the ones I think are most interesting to take on. In my career I’ve helped cover Pink Floyd and Queen and I think that that is about as untouchable as you can get.

Q: REAL BIG TROUBLE is the newest rocker you just released. Can you go into how this song even came to life and what inspired it?

A: Marty had the first part of the chorus written and showed it to both Jake and I. The 3 of us sat in Jake’s living room and traded ideas back-and-forth until we had a finished version of the song. It was surprisingly organic and, for us, an unusual way to come up with the heaviest song that we have recorded so far.

Q: Once everything is cleared and u guys can road warrior tour again, will that be the most important thing for your band? Do u feel touring is the best way to make money and get networking these days in this business?

A: Yes. 100%. I can’t wait to get back out on the road and do my favorite thing in the world. It is the best thing for my soul and for the band’s bank account.

Q: What do u want your legacy to be when this is all said and done?

A: The best.

Q: How can people support and help you guys for the time being as the new album and music gets out there?

A: We currently have a small merchandise store available that you can find on all of our social media. Between buying a T-shirt and streaming and more importantly buying our songs on Apple music or Spotify you can really help support us in a time like this.

Q: Empower another artist by telling us someone u admire and why you admire them?

A: It’s cliché but I really admired Dave Grohl for his ability turn any possible scenario into the best possible outcome.

Connect with the band:
Instagram: @thelonelyonesband
Facebook: @thelonelyones

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