B-Mac Chat with Andry Lagiou

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy

Ever since the singing competition series The Voice premiered in 2011, it has turned into a cultural phenomenon that has surpassed American Idol. It has even spawned foreign versions in about 145 countries. What is amazing to me is that our American version seems to focus more on the pop, R&B, and country artists, while almost ignoring the rock and metal singers. However, some of the international versions like Canada, Italy, and Greece have been highlighting some singers that are part of the rock family, such as Andry Lagiou. The Greek native made a splash on the Greek version of The Voice, and since then, the media views as one of the most promising metal vocalists of her generation. Not only is she superb on the mic, but Andry also rips it on guitar. Forming her new group The Harps, the Blues Metal Queen sat in on Skype to chat with Uncivil Revolt to talk about her new music, and her plans for the metal world once the pandemic is behind us.

In the beginning of the interview, there was an issue with my earphones, so I took them out and was able to hear her. She told me that she is working on some plans once this COVID-19 crisis is over, which includes finding a label and possibly book some shows. I asked what her experience was like on The Voice, and she gave me some great insight on what it was like. She performed Deep Purple’s iconic “Burn” to a stellar reception during her blind audition. She chose judge Sakis Rouvas as her coach, and she told me she would go with either Christina Aguilera or Kelly Clarkson if she auditioned on the U.S. version (I would go with Clarkson myself). Andry sees herself a role model for young female singers looking to make it in the music business. We would discuss her new group, The Harps, for which she has three reasons for why settled on that name. They premiered their new song, “Mistress of the Night,” back in October along with a new video. She discussed the video’s concept and meaning. “Mistress of the Night” is going to be part of The Harps’ upcoming album, Skies, and Andry mentioned which song she wants to focus on for the next music video. While she does not do the guitar solo on “Mistress of the Night” (performed by Stephen Platt), Andry did mention she does some cover solos that can viewed on her YouTube channel. Other topics we chatted about included a hopeful tour, how Eddie Van Halen and Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour influenced her as a guitarist, and the three albums she would bring with her to a desert island.

Andry was very giddy and insightful. She knows what she wants out of the music business especially the metal business: female empowerment. I have listened to “Mistress of the Night” and I enjoyed it very much. I cannot wait to hear the rest of Skies once she debuts it to the world. It is only a matter of time before this Blues Metal Queen invades California and we all become her loyal subjects. To Andry Lagiou, I salute you. Horns up.

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