B-Mac Chat with Jayelle

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy

As a lot of you, loyal Uncivil Revolters know by now, that when it comes to rock ‘n’ roll, I am pretty set in my ways. I love the shredding guitar riffs, pulsating bass licks, and ravaging drumbeats that go along with some righteous singing. That being said, indie rock is not always my cup of tea. It is mostly because I cannot always connect with on deep level as heavy metal can for me personally. However, if one were to mix it with different subgenres and balance it just right, I might be obliged to give it a chance. That is what Jayelle did when I first listened to her single, “My Father’s Daughter.” Brought to my attention by my publicist friend Raquel Figlo, Jayelle is an LA-based songbird who is bringing alt-pop together with bubblegum pop and synth pop in ways never done before. On the day before Thanksgiving, Jayelle and I had ourselves an interview where I learned more about her and her goals in music.

During the lockdown, Jayelle told me that she has been using that time to work on new music and saw it a therapeutic tool during this crisis as well. While her EP, entitle My Father’s Daughter, is mainly indie rock, she sees herself throwing in different styles that she grew up. Jayelle does not want to restrict to one particular sound, which I find refreshing. We would talk about her EP record, where she discussed what the meaning was behind the title. It all comes from personal experiences. She approaches each song with the first lyric or piece of music to help determine how she wants that track to sound. When asked about what the meaning was behind the “My Father’s Daughter” music video, Jayelle told me that theme was about escaping a toxic relationship, only to be drawn back to it through pattern. She hopes the song will reach someone who knows that struggle. We bonded over our love of AC/DC and I suggested she give the new record, Power Up, a listen to. The kind of music she likes are the ones that grab her with a catchy hook or beat.

Jayelle was an open book for the entire interview. She has a very creative mind that can take her to the top. Hoping to play some shows next year, I can see her headline the Troubadour and Whisky. My Father’s Daughter has been met with positive feedback, including from yours truly thanks to her down-to-Earth attitude and killer voice. When she does get some dates locked in, I will be there to cheer her on. To Jayelle, I salute you. Horns up!!!

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