Lords Of The Drift – the Arecibo Message review

By Andy Thunders, Rock N Roll Gypsy

The Arecebio Message by Lords Of The drift is a monster of a glacier, frost covered barren wasteland riff powered megalithic piece of sonic art. One 30 minute of pure atmospheric bliss, albeit dark, desolate. Psychedelic tinges seem to begin to deep out slowly, and I do mean slowly, the heaviness at the same time can’t be topped, yet the tranquility remains. Like Elizabeth Bathory bathing in virgins blood, it’s an eerie and dark calm. And fuzz, lots of fuzz and feedback. Definitely hear influences of Earth and Sun0))) with psychedelic tinges. Heavy vibes, almost claustrophobic. The psychedelia touch adds another dimension to the aural space on this, giving the space a throwback to similar stuff done by Hawkwind in the early 70s. The minimums is a pure sonic assault on the soul and spirit, forcing up dark images in your mind. You either get it or you don’t. This is an excruciating beautiful, desolate masterpiece. The textures and pure despair is palpable. Perfect for tantric sex and/or dark magical ceremonies, those who are comforted by cold, calm despair, or anyone courageous enough to dare. A sonic voyage to the dark side of the soul, very moving. This is how art can be made sonically.


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