Top Ten Of 2020 by Andy Thunders

By Andy Thunders, Rock N Roll Gypsy

1. Blue Oyster Cult-The Symbol Remains this pick is just plain obvious. Legendary bands first new album in over a decade or maybe two, and it’s phenomenal and relevant. A blessing from the rock gods, not one bad track on it. Eric bloom=rock n roll.

2. Geezer-Groovy a band from my area, cosmic stoner blues trio makes their best record by far to date. Tons of ambience, hooks, and dirty fuzzy riffs to warm up by like burning cosmic embers.

3. Shadow Show-Silhouettes these girls here know how to rock. Total mod early psychedelic rock and tons of attitude and melody.

4. Witchcraft-Black Metal title is welcomly ironic, all acoustic with Pelander’s beautiful, folky anguish.

5. Dee Calhoun-A Dream Within A Dream one of the most unique releases by any solo artist of the last twenty years. The bob Dylan of doom.

6. EnuffZNuff-Brainwashed Generation fucking ace record, better than the last which was kick ass. Total melody, sleazy psychedelia. Must have. A true rock n roll record.

7. Volume 4(Redux Black Sabbath Tribute)-Various Artists Magnetic Eye Records long awaited Black Sabbath Volume 4 Redux,an amazing lineup of underground artists each doing one track on the album. The version of Snowblind is mesmerizing!

8. Gary Lee Conner-Revelations In Fuzz the microdot gnome strikes again, with a record that is different than his last three, in that it’s more US influenced psychedelia then English, a self produced one man band with guitar sounds from planet nowhere and fuzz solos that pierce like an air raid siren.

9. 10 Minute Warning-The Missing Months(limited edition LP) a limited independent pressing of Seattle punk legends 10 Minute warning, with Paul Solger and Duff McKagan, these are rehearsal tapes from a period from 82-83 and are some of the finest Pacific Northwest punk rock you can find.

10. Twin Temple-Twin Temple Present a Collection of Live (And Undead) Recordings from Their Satanic Ritual Chamber… Stripped from the Crypt well my favourite doo wop group, stripped back during quarantine I was supposed to see em with uncle acid this year, but alas at least I can sink my fangs into this, and so should all of you. Amazing stuff at the bare bones, you’ll be entranced.


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