B-Mac Album Review: Budderside, Spiritual Violence

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy

Lemmy of Motörhead left a lasting legacy that will never be forgotten. Not only did he create one of the most influential metal bands that helped give birth to thrash metal, Lemmy also created his own music label in 2014 called Motörhead Music. He started the label to help develop and promote emerging rock bands such as Barb Wire Dolls, Others, Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, and last but certainly not least, Budderside. Signed by Lemmy himself, Budderside is an LA based modern hard rock outfit that has toured with the likes of Slayer, Anthrax, L.A. Guns, and of course, Motörhead. Ironically, the group’s frontman Patrick Stone was once one of Motörhead’s roadies, so way to keep it in the family. After a successful 2016 debut with their self-titled release, Budderside is looking to better with their sophomore effort, Spiritual Violence. There is spiritual turbulence, and only Budderside can make it better.

Spiritual Violence begins with “Wide Awake.” This is an energetic hard rock number that helps get the juices following. Stone sings with a raspy, rough voice that sounds very tough, like he is not going to take shit from anybody. There are slick riffs that are performed exquisitely by Sam Koltun (lead) and Logan Nikolic (rhythm). Up next is “Zen,” which is the album’s first single. It is good song, but not one of their strongest as it is somewhat predictable, though it has its moments. It has a very steady pulse on the beat thanks to the collective minds of bassist Gabe Maska and drummer Jeff Dewbray. Stone adds a certain mysticism to his voice as he attempts to find his Zen. “Amber Alert” is blazing metal track where Carla Harvey of the Butcher Babies duels with Stone. The chemistry between both singers is confounding with Harvey’s sinister nature matches Stone’s charm. Koltun explodes with a blaring solo that is similar to what Mötley Crüe’s Mick Mars would play. “Pardon Me” pays tribute to Lemmy and his legendary career. Motörhead’s own Phil Campbell comes in to add his flavor of solo panache and it fits in with mood of the song. With this tune, we should all raise our glasses of Jack Daniels and salute the Godfather of Thrash. “I’m a Man” is another modern hard rock number that sizzles but does not explode. It has a crisp, smooth rock sound. Though it is fun to listen to, it does not offer anything new or edgy. I am sure it will grow on the fans in time.

We are halfway through Spiritual Violence as we come to “Folsom Prison Blu.” This a cover of the famous Johnny Cash tune with their own spin on it. I love how Budderside mixes rockabilly with hard rock. I am not sure on why they put ‘Blu’ in the title instead of ‘Blues,’ but I am sure the Man in Black is dancing to the beat. “Things We Do” has a lot of soul. This ballad helps push Budderside’s creative flow in a new direction. They even add the children’s choir MUSYCA to make it even more emotional. Stone sings is heart as he soars higher and brighter than before. “Feels So Good” has the group go full-blown grunge. It is like Soundgarden and Buckcherry merging as one. Dewbray is a powerhouse with his explosive drumbeats as Koltun performs a fiery solo worthy of Kim Thayil. This is one of their better songs. “Soul Searchers” has Budderside getting down and dirty with a straight up hard rocker. It is fun, robust, and smoking to hear. The album wraps up with “Day Go Bah.” This song keeps you on your toes as the energy sharply increases. Koltun goes hypersonic with his lead solo as Stone sounds charismatic and upbeat. They close out the record with a scream.

I have to say, I really dug Spiritual Violence. Budderside is all about fun and heavy energy with this album. There were times where they missed their mark, as the album does have its flaws. There was no big standout songs and I wish the album had some more edge, but it still a great listen for any hard rock fan. Lemmy did have an eye for talent as this group is starting to come into their own. To Budderside, I salute you. Horns up!!!


Track Listing:

Wide Awake
Amber Alert (feat. Carla Harvey)
Pardon Me (feat. Phil Campbell)
I’m A Man
Folsom Prison Blues
Things We Do (feat. MUSYCA)
Feels So Good
Soul Searches

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