B-Mac Album Review: Chez Kane, Chez Kane

Photo by Harry Scott Elliott

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy

25 years ago, an Italian music distributor name Serafino Perugino started up his own label that specialized in classic rock and heavy metal. He named the label Frontiers Music, and it has garnered an exceptional reputation with old-school legends like Quiet Riot, Glenn Hughes, and Whitesnake to newer artists like Her Chariot Awaits, Lords of Black, and of course, Chez Kane. As a young and talented British singer who fronted Kane’d with her sisters, it was destiny that she met Crazy Lixx’s Danny Rexon who helped her get noticed by Frontiers. With Rexon in the background helping develop her, Kane has just put out her self-titled debut album where melodic hard rock comingles with different styles. When I first heard her song “Too Late for Love,” I just had to her more of her.

Kane gets the ball rolling with “Better Than Love.” It starts with a poppy synth beat that sounds very eighties, which then is layered with a steady drum fill. Kane has an incredible voice as she displays her powerful pipes. I loved the sax solo thrown in there, giving it a cool jazz feel that reminds me of Billy Joel’s “Just the Way You Are.” Now “All Of It” is where the rock ‘n’ roll fun truly begins. It has a stadium anthem vibe that features a sweet guitar riff that matches the impactful vocals of Kane. This song does it for me as it has very catchy solo that reminds me of C.C. DeVille of Poison. “Rocket on The Radio” is where Kane goes glam. She emulates some of her favorite groups signature sounds from Def Leppard to Poison and Y&T to name a few. The bass and drum bass have a crisp eighties vibe, and the guitar solo is pretty to something Phil Collen would play. The background singers helps Kane excel her angelic voice to heights equal to Lita Ford and Suzi Quatro. “Get It On” continues the glam metal hype she built in the previous track. Filled with razor sharp riffs and danceable beats, I feel this song is a little too predictable. I like her vocal approach in this song, but it sounds too bubbly at times. However, the solo is still top-notch. “Too Late for Love” is the first single off Kane’s debut LP, and it makes a powerful statement. That statement is that she is here to stay. Epic songwriting that goes hand and hand with her dominant voice and passionate guitar solo.

Photo by Harry Scott Elliott

We come to the halfway point with “Defender of the Heart.” This power ballad is full of soul and gusto. Kane is at her absolute finest with her singing. The synthesizer sounds like a cross between Journey and Whitesnake, and the guitar solo is extremely passionate. “Ball N’ Chain” pays homage to Bon Jovi as the riff is similar to “Livin’ On a Prayer” and “You Give Love a Bad Name.” I love hearing these riffs as they are very epic. I can seriously see this song cause fans to scream with excitement. “Midnight Rendezvous” is a straight up metal tune that has a very classic sound. It is very fast paced as Kane lasers through the lyrics with such speed and transparency. She follows after Ann Wilson of Heart as both women are deliver powerful vocals. With “Die in the Name Of Love,” it is as if Roxette up and started to play a hard rock music. With a bit more pop in the sound, Kane gives the listener a song with a more upbeat feel one can dance to and rock out on at the same time. She has such a creative imagination. Kane wraps up her debut album with “Dead End Street.” The pace is slowed down a bit, but it is by no means has a soft touch. This song is scorching, making it arguably the strongest track off the album. Kane strips herself down in the voice to make it more personal. If she was going to end the record with any song, it is this one.

I was very impressed with Kane’s vision of bringing some eighties hard rock with a twist to 2021. This is a great debut that any new artist can hope to create. Perugino certainly has an eye and ear for great talent. I only wish I knew who played the instruments because they hit their mark almost every time with each new song. Frontiers Music is lucky to have this songstress, and she is only getting started. To Chez Kane, I salute you. Horns up!!!


Track Listing:

Better Than Love
All Of It
Rocket On The Radio
Get It On
Too Late For Love
Defender Of The Heart
Ball N’ Chain
Midnight Rendezvous
Die In The Name Of Love
Dead End Street

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