Eyehategod A History Of Nomadic Behavior Review

Photo by Robb Duchemin

By Andy Thunders, Rock N Roll Gypsy

A History of Nomadic Behavior is the long awaited follow up to 2014’s self titled Eyehategod record, and by all accounts it does not disappoint. Crushing, agonizing, nihilism permeates throughout the NOLA based sludge outfit that is now a four piece, giving us pure undiluted Bower Power!

Photo By Travis Shinn

Such god damn intensity, from the very start with Buried Beneath The Lies ‘plate glass shatters in my head’ fucking hell. Mike IX belting out his best in a while. Chock full of the most incindiary tension style riffs, feedback, and one of the dirtiest guitar tones out there. The vibe of complete insanity to comfort the insane in a fucked up world. Outer Banks is another Fuckin behemoth, which leads into and even bigger one, Fake What’s Yours, my fuck. If you’re looking for hope, you’re not gonna find it here. Won’t find sympathy here,either. This is one of the more consistent records released this year so far. It hits you with a fucking brick to the face from the first 10 seconds and doesn’t stop til your face is left a bloody pulp of meat. Heavy enough to crush a church, and filled with enough apathetic disillusionment at the modern state of man, and well any state of humanity, and you’ll find there’s a lot to be disillusioned with. This is just that on steroids and some downers. The band is firing on all four cylinders in a wonderful,explosive way that is just perfect. The riffs and grooves that just barely hang on by a thread, as the guitar just constantly is literally on the edge of feeding back always, and does at the right times. This is just pure fuckin music, no bullshit.

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