Jacob’s Brother Review

By Tim Schumann

Well, thanks to Covid the past year has been considered a wash as in attending live shows, for me shooting and writing is my thing , but I have been blessed to have been able to do a handful of phone interviews during this period, which brings me to the subject of this review.

I have always been a fan of bands which contain brothers, bands such as Chevelle, The Black Crowes, Styx, Wet Willie, The Kinks, The Allmans and of course AC/DC, for some reason, it has always amazed me, a gimmick, if you will.

I personally knew twins in Tampa that were in the same band, Richard and Ralph, always at odds, seen them actually fight on stage and Ralph leave in mid-set, both extremely talented and in the end, neither could work or play together ever again, as sad as that is, it leaves you wondering why?  Well, that certainly isn’t the case with the fine young men I spoke with via the Great State of Michigan, you see this band contains four brothers, that’s right, four brothers, there are actually five, the fifth whose name is Jacob, is the only one who is not in the band, so with that said, let me introduce you to “Jacob’s Brother”

Let’s start with Jeremiah on vocals,, Jason and Mike on guitar and Josh doing the honors on percussion, all with the last name of Cooley, ages between 33 and 42.

We have Joel Mathews on Bass who is 32 and formally of the band “Wilson”, who this magazine has done a previous review on, another fun fact is every single member of the band contributes to the song writing, whether it be lyrics or melodies, not to mention, they all sing as well as play each others instruments, how cool is that?

During the early years the brothers were in various projects, different bands, but with Jason being the youngest, the boys were sort of waiting, biding their time on Jason to turn 18, once that happened, once he became of age, that’s when things took off and the band “Herd” was born. They started to make a name for themselves in the local scene and as fate would have it landed on the card with a three day festival called Mountain Rock Festival 2007, sharing the stage with Def Leppard, Styx, Chicago and Reo Speedwagon, not too shabby, huh?

In 2010, they did an East Coast tour with “Life Size Ghost” on the Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Piece tour and later that same year played the X Fest supporting Smile Empty Soul.

Now all this was over 10 years ago, needless to say, there’s been some down time, the boys have been regrouping, rebranding, Joel has been brought into the fold and new music has been generated. When asked what would be your influences, there was no hesitation in saying Freddie Mercury, Mike Patton and Jeff Buckley, I asked if they had a choice of being a supporting act who would you love to tour with, again, like a bullet, the answers were, puscifer, Deftones and Muse, the dream come true for the boys would be to play Red Rocks, I do hope that happens for them at some point.

I mentioned the rebranding, hence the name change from Herd to Jacob’s Brother and of course studio time which brings me to the release date of 8 April 21, its their 1st single, the name of the song is “Indecision” as well as accompanied with their first video to be released on the same date, nicely done.

You can find jacobsbrothermusic on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube as well as on Sony Orchard.

In closing, if you’re into heavy melodic rock and roll, Jacob’s Brother should be the right fit for you, they have an invite from me to make it to West Texas, I’d love to shoot the show and write a concert review, I’m looking forward to that, check them out, I’m sure we’ll all be on the same page.

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  1. It truly amazes us that four brothers can play so many instruments and also have great singing voices!! We wish them all the best😘😘

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