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Sebastian Pastor a Argentinian artist who pursued his dreams of creating his view of music into a solo project he has called PLAGUESTORM
Pastor founded the project in 2014 and his first two releases overwhelmed the metal community with praise and dignity.
Throughout 2020 the ability to write and create was still full steam ahead, and on June 4th the newest and most anticipated record entitled PURIFYING FIRE will be out on German label Noble Demon.
With a sneak peek of two singles, EVOLUTION TOWARDS THE EDGE and the newest lyric video PURIFYING FIRE the maturity is in full swing with a journey through rage, melancholy and the ability to melodically intrigue you then blast you into a new hemisphere with the raw n raging metal force. I am impressed, intrigued and excited to see the success of  this talented artist and his cohorts that helped in the making of this powerful album!
I had the pleasure of chatting with Sebastian about how he has evolved as a musician. His influences in the community. His workings with other musicians and what he feels he learnt the most about life and himself throughout 2020.

You have been a solo artist for sometime now, going back to the beginning what motivated you to take that step to start PLAGUESTORM and how empowering has it been for you?

Plaguestorm was born after moving away from the old band where I played bass, I didn’t have the time to start with a full time band again and I didn’t want to deal with some things that usually happen within a band.

At that time I had some musical ideas and I had the intention of translating them into a demo, over time I began to believe that those songs could be better produced … first those songs were going to be a demo … Then I got Björn Strid to sing on one of the songs, the result was amazing and my head exploded. From there I was convinced that maybe I could make this project more serious … Plaguestorm began to grow slowly thanks to that.

PURIFYING FIRE  is your newest single/video which talks about fires that have happened in many parts of the world. What was the reason to put this devastation out into the music world, do you feel the media pushed important factors about them under the carpet?

I think some people are addicted to money and power, it doesn’t matter if they have to burn thousands of hectares of forest, or if they will have to raze the oceans, or cut down thousands of trees, or displace or kill the people who live in those places… they just want to get more money and more power.

Only here in my country, thousands of hectares of forests have been intentionally burned, few media outlets told the truth of the matter.

The damage caused is irreparable. It seems that many big business people do not care about this.

Another amazing aspect of the song is the musical journey in the song from furious to calm to melody driven. Did lyrics/topic emotional bring out the diversity musiciall

I usually compose all the music and then I write the lyrics. Once I have the music ready, I try to find inspiration to write the lyrics, so each song and lyric depends a lot on my state of mind and my state of inspiration, I don’t know very well how to explain it. I think these things flow at certain times of the day.

Being you compose, write and record most everything, how do you pick n choose the people who do appear and help you on songs? And how has these artists enhance songs in the beginning to how they appear on the final product?

For this new album I already had planned who would be the guest musicians, I wanted the album to sound like a real band, with only one singer, I think Mikael Sehlin was the one for this, he had already participated in the previous album (Mother of Plagues) and I proposed him to sing in all new songs. He is one of my favorite singers and has done a great job on this album. He captured the atmosphere of the album very well, and interpreted my lyrics as if he had written them.

Then for the guitar solos I invited Pablo Roman and Diego Martinez again, they are two great guitarists from my country and they had already recorded guitar solos in previous albums. All of them add quality to the music of Plaguestorm. I am very happy with the work that all of them did.

Being you play a lot of instruments, what is your passion and inspiration instrument wise and who has been your biggest influence to grow n evolve in playing?

My first influence was Metallica at 12 years old, I wanted to be James, I wanted to be Lars, I wanted to be Cliff haha, I did not manage to have even 10% of his skills, but that made me play all the instruments, when I had 18 years I started playing drums in a band, it was my instrument for 8 or 9 years, then I played bass in another band for 7 years and now I play mostly guitar in Plaguestorm.

Although I think one of my biggest influences when creating this project was Peter Tagtgren, he is one of my favorite composers / musicians, he is a multi instrumentalist, he has his own studio and all of that is something that I have tried to imitate. His band “Hypocrisy” is a huge influence on me. So maybe I could say that without Peter there would be no Plaguestorm.

The album releases on June 4th.  How do you feel your overall musicianship has grown since your prior releases and do you feel it was a natural progression?

I think that the songs or my way of composing has not changed too much, it does not mean that I have done the same album twice, maybe this new album has a more melancholic but also aggressive atmosphere, I think I have been progressing very slowly and many of the things that happen around me and a lot of the music that I listen to in those moments have influenced in my way of playing and composing.

Have you touched on any other newsworthy topics in the year that was for the world and if so were you ever at all afraid to voice your opinion in song since the world is so fragile on people’s opinions these days?

I try not to talk in my songs about things that I don’t know, I try to talk about things that happen and bother me … for example the evolution of man and the danger that this generates to the nature. I’m not afraid to talk about something, although I prefer to keep some things or opinions to myself.

In 2020 a lot of people learnt a lot about themselves being in lockdown on a personal level. What did you learn about yourself, and if it was something that could possibly help someone else, what would you tell them on how to embrace it or let it go?

Wow, what a good question, each person is a world, what I could say is that sometimes we do not realize how much we have to enjoy the moments, for example, sometimes people are too busy with “things”, sometimes we spend a long time without going to visit our friends or family, or hang out with other people, then things like the pandemic happen and everyone has to be locked up (at least that happened here) and then we realize that those “things” were not so important, and we began to wonder about the time lost, for not having visited a friend, or your parents or relatives … many people have lost friends or relatives in this pandemic, many could not even say goodbye. .. my message would be, “enjoy spending time with your loved ones, today you have them and tomorrow maybe not. Enjoy the moment.”

Touring seems to be going back to normal soon. Have you had thoughts about that and if so who would you love to break the ice with on the road?

I’m waiting for the tours to come back, more as a fan than as a musician, I really enjoy going to concerts. At the moment I have not thought about going on tour with Plaguestorm, because I am only one musician in the band, but who knows, if things start to grow more and more, maybe I should consider calling some friends and going out to do some shows for here or there.

Last comments?

I want to thank you for the interview, I hope that new people can discover Plaguestorm, I have spent a lot of time and effort in creating this new album… some people have told me that some of my songs have helped them in some bad moments, so I consider that if my music helps other people, then I guess I am doing the right thing.



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