Tommy Vext Review

By Tim Schumann

I cannot express how happy I am now that Covid restrictions are being somewhat lifted here in the Lone Star state, it’s been over a year since I’ve cover a national act, so you could imagine how I felt when it was announced that Tommy Vext, the former frontman for Bad Wolves was bringing his Fuck Cancel Culture TX tour with only 6 dates and of course coming to none other than the Rockhouse Bar and Grill here in El Paso, Texas on the 24th and the 25th of April, the only stop on this epic tour with two dates, very cool.

The 39 year old has been busy over the years with projects such as Snot, Divine Heresy, Vext, Westfield Massacre and of course Bad Wolves, I had the pleasure of photographing Bad Wolves as a supporting act for Five Finger Death Punch back in November of 19, needless to say, just an unbelievable performance, it’s one of the reasons Tommy is Tommy.

Two years before in 2017, he filled in for Ivan Moody while he was in rehab, so he has history with FFDP, not to mention, Bad Wolves has toured with them as well as Shinedown, Breaking Benjamins and Starset during this period of time.

Tommy left Bad Wolves this past January for personal reasons, this review is not about that side of his story, but about the show he did on 24 April, his solo efforts and the undeniable status as one of the best showman I’ve seen in quite a while.

Upon my arrival to the Rockhouse, which by the way the 24th was a sold out show, the place was abuzz with excitement, the owner of the venue, Matteo Martinez was in his element as the commander of this first national act in so many months, as always, he operates as a well oiled machine orchestrating his top drawer staff and security, this is without a doubt why the Rockhouse is the premiere concert venue in the Southwest.

Doors were at 7pm and a long line had formed, which in my opinion, is such a sweet sight, at 7, people rushed in and grabbed a spot on the railing, I could tell we all were in for a serious treat tonight.

Local support were two of my favorites, Shalem and Brother Strange, I couldn’t think of a better fit, Shalem is Travis James Manning’s newest effort, which from the first time we heard them a couple of months back, we fell immediately in love, outstanding job as always. Brother Strange has been around a minute or two, I remember photographing them back in 2014, just a great Rock and Roll band, Stoner Rock as they put it, with a father and son team on guitar and bass, Mike and Izac Mosholder and how could I forget the epic frontman Esteban Steve Salazar, this cat I truly love watching, puts on a fantastic show.

Locals are done, the stage is set and Tommy hits it like a runaway train with his jumping, twirling, dancing and voice like no other, its sets the crowd in a rabid frenzy likes of I hadn’t seen in quite some time.

Songs like Sober, Learn to Live, Crawling by Linkin Park, Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus and of course Zombie by The Cranberries had this audience going crazy, needless to say, Tommy was in full control of the West Texas crowd and he knew it.

All good things must come to an end, he said his good nights and was shuttled off to the bus by his security team, I was thoroughly impressed by his performance just as I was when I saw him with Bad Wolves, a true entertainer and showman, a credit to his profession, I highly recommend seeing him if he ever rolls though your city, take my word, you won’t be disappointed.

Check out the full Tommy Vext gallery below:

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