B-Mac Chat with Sonia Anubis of Crypta

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy

I really enjoyed chatting with Burning Witches’ frontwoman Laura Guldemond. She was very insightful and talked about what to expect from their new record, The Witch of the North. An interesting thing about that record is that it is the first to feature new lead guitarist Larissa Ernst. It was through learning about the band’s history that came to know Sonia Anubis. She was their lead guitarist for two years before leaving to go start her own group, Crypta. Another all-female supergroup where the former members of Nervosa and Hagbard bring their own brand of melodic death metal to the world. After hearing their debut single “From The Ashes,” I was hooked by the vicious singing and screeching solos from Sonia. Last week, I got to chat with her through Skype where we discussed Crypta and her other project, Cobra Spell.

Besides working on new music with her two groups, Sonia was giving guitar lessons online during the lockdown. She had some cool students and built relationships. Before Crypta, they band had different names that they liked (she could not remember them), but she mentions when frontwoman Luana Dametto and Fernanda Lira visited some crypts while on the road for a previous group. Sonia discussed what it was like for the girls in the group to come from different backgrounds and create death metal. Crpyta’s upcoming debut album, Echoes of the Soul, deals with the theme of death. According to Sonia, mainly she, Luana, and Fernanda wrote it as they started the group first, then second guitarist Tainá Bergamaschi came in later to lay down her stuff. However, Sonia mentions that she help wrote the bonus track. She would discuss how Crypta hooked up with Napalm Records through Luana’s past with Nervosa. She has a second group in Cobra Spell, where she describes as very 80s rock oriented. They even released their first EP back in September, and are now working on their first full length. That is something to look forward to hearing.

Sonia, like all my other guests, was an absolute delight. We also did talk about her time in Burning Witches, where she stands with the group today, and if she heard their new album yet. She did not shy away from being honest, and I can respect where she is coming from. I have been listening to Crypta’s new album, and I know death metal followers are going to enjoy it. Moreover, I am eager to check out Cobra Spell and get my 80s heavy rock mojo going. To Sonia Anubis, I salute you. Horns up!!!

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