Lost in silence Interview

By Stephanie Stevens

It’s been a 3-year hiatus for the guys in LOST IN SILENCE but they are back and ready to take the rock world by storm with the band’s latest single REST IN PEACE. A fiery piece of melodic rock attitude. Its catchy energy packed and alive with passion. Having worked with the talented producing talent of the well-known Brett Hestla the guys are stronger and better than ever as 2021 gets back to the normal rock n roll life and atmosphere.

LOST IN SILENCE is from Greeneville, TN and formed in 2016. Releasing their first album, entitled Parallax, the guys gained quite a lot of attention and it’s no wonder with killer tracks like CLOSER, NEBULA and KILLING ME SOFTLY. With new songs for a EP in hand LOST IN SILENCE is ready to break the silence and get back into rocking the stages and inspiring the world with their music.

I had a chance to chat with the band about how they came up with the band name, working with Brett and the biggest thing they learnt throughout 2020.

Q: Introduce me to the world of LOST IN SILENCE, how did you all find each other, and what was one thing you all agreed upon that made you gel as a band and the music you make?

A: Vocalist Lester Ford and drummer Alex Keys talked to each other at their local YMCA. The two shared a workout and the idea to start jamming. LIS had a goal and that was to write the best music possible. LIS treated things as a business instead of a hobby.

Q: What does the band name mean to you?

A:  It was something that was different. The words flowed together well and it just kind of stuck. We had a long 3-year hiatus from 2017 to mid-2021. So we kind of got lost in the silence of things. At that point people had kind of forgot about us. So I guess it was fitting then and now.

Q: How is the rock scene in TN pre-Covid and now during the aftermath? And what do you hope you guys are doing to improve or make it stronger?

A: It was decent. Mostly everyone was going to a show in some way or another. When COVID hit it messed a lot of things up. We had South By Southwest planned and a potential tour with COLD. It was a bummer for sure, but now things have a sense of normalcy, we are ready to show the world who LIS is. We have the material to do it. We are very excited.

Q: What do you feel your band brings to the forefront of the local community?

A: The good and not so good times. The highs and lows. I think it will soon be a name that helps people through our music.

Q: You just released REST IN PEACE, the 1st thing that I thought about was it was such an easy track to listen to it just flowed. What is the top few things you focus on when you start the writing process that makes your music your music?

A: Something different. This upcoming EP has a song for everyone. We can be heavy or more mellow. I believe it will surprise a lot of people.

Q: In 2017 you released PARALLAX your first album. Look back and tell me the things you still love about that disc and would you change anything on it?

A: It is one our favorites. As far as writing is concerned we take ideas to our producer and we write in the studio. Brett Hestla is a phenomenal writer and lyricist. He really made our new stuff sound way different.

Q: You took a while away from releasing music after that album to work on new stuff. What do you feel is the biggest growth you had creatively taking the time to write and focus and do you feel it shines through on the new single?

A: We love that is was a fun experience. We became better musicians that week. The CD turned out well. It was who we were at the time. People liked it and it was something to be proud of. The only things that could’ve changed is the last two songs were demos. Wished we would’ve let Brett do those.

Q: Lyrically what inspires you and what is the biggest accomplishment you get once words to a song are finished and you read them over? And is there one song that really move you knowing you wrote those words?

A: We grew as musicians. The founding members Les and Alex continued to push through the difficult times. We found new members Nic McWilliams on bass and Nathan Suggs on guitar. Made the decision to go back to Brett last year and came out with 6 great tunes. RIP is definitely a good indication of where we’re going. After we finish the song. Brett and us sat down and came up with lyrics. We mainly picked a theme related to all our shared experiences. All of them have their own meaning to each of us.


Q: You’re working on a new EP with Brett Hestla what does he bring into the band to push you guys and is that the reason you chose to work with him?

A: The guy could write q song with 1 note. It’s insane. He’s the definition of a producer. Very easy and fun to work with

Q: What is the biggest thing in 2020 you learnt about yourself be it as a band member, a musician in general or something personal you want to share or if you want hit points on each of them?

A: Not to take things for granted. I think the whole year of 2020 showed that to be true. I believe music will help pull people out of that rut.

Q: Are you guys setting shows/tours if so can you give any info on that?

A:  We are on Rebel Rock Fest in Orlando in September. We play Sunday the 26th. Other than that not right now. We have things in the works for the future.

Q: Any comments to your fans and words of encouragement to the music community as we get back to “normal” in 2021?

A: We love all of you and thank God we can start rocking again. It will be a fun year for sure. We can’t wait to let you guys her the new stuff and gain more fans along the way.

Stay in touch with the band

Instagram: @lostinsilenceband

Facebook: @lostinsilencetn



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