Gypsy Pistoleros The Mescalito Vampires

By Andy Thunders, Rock N Roll Gypsy

The Gypsy Pistoleros ride again, taking the loot, the women, and singing about triumph, tragedy, debauchery. The Mescalito Vampires is the perfected strain of the Pistoleros, just absolutely incindiary, and more infectious than a dirty needle from Sid Vicious, so raw, melodic, and devastatingly beautiful. From the telephone ringing in Lost In A Town Called Nowhere up to when we are Gonna Die With A Gun In My Hand, it is punk rock, glam rock, flamenco, kickass. It’s tongue in cheek, yet very deep. If it doesn’t make you dance, then you must not be human. The most unique, yet functional record I’ve heard so far all year. Frontman Gypsy Lee Pistolero just comes through the record and shakes you up. The musicianship is incindiary, upright bass and electric and acoustic guitars. Welcome to the hotel del la muerta, viva la revolucion, there ain’t a bad song on this declaration of rock, pure rock. For all you sleazy, sex crazed, fucked up commancheros, this is the record for you. Viva zapata!

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