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By Stephanie Stevens



It is so nice to have live music back in our lives!! The Vault in New Bedford, MA has been getting some killer shows lately and I need to give a shout out, out to this venue for just being a real place to come and support music. With great food, and a supportive and community vibe it’s great to have talent from around the world come and play on this local stage!

Last night was no different the guys in TANTRIC headed back to the Vault stage and brought along a real talent in the name of OTAN VARGAS who opened the show with a great acoustic performance. I walked in a little into his set but tonight what he seemed to lay out for the Vault fans was an array of covers of some great artists in his amazing acoustic flair; This guy had my attention through his set with that charismatic and infectious voice and humbleness that he gave off as he spoke. If you are new to him check out his social media pages and stay tuned for an interview with him in the future.

After OATAN VARGAS was done the guys in TANTRIC didn’t let the crowd wait too long until they hit the stage and when I say they hit the stage they did it with a bang! I have been seeing Hugo and Tantric for 20 years now performing and tonight’s show was something for the records. All points of a great performance were hit last night! Music showmanship, precision and accuracy to the energy from all sides of the stage to the interaction to the fans on and off stage, Hugo sounded the best I have heard him in a long time and the harmonies that Jaron and Sebastian create with him are so smooth and easy on the ears its ridiculous. This was my first time seeing drummer Jon Loree play with the band and it was a mighty force behind the drums. This is the tightest and most impactful I have seen from a TANTRIC lineup in sometime.

The guys made fans happy with old and new tracks and some fun in between, for a smaller venue and intimate setting the applause and gratitude sounded like an arena tour tonight, which it should have been with such a killer set the band gave.  Some of my favorite set highlights was DOWN N OUT, ASTOUNDED, LIVE YOUR LIFE and the bands newest single LIVING HERE WITHOUT sounded killer in a live setting.

Although this is supposed to be a “live show” review I need to sneak in this as we were just speaking of new stuff! The new album that they are supporting on the road, THE SUM OF ALL THINGS has a growth and maturity that is over the top impressive with those classic rock n roll anthems the band is known for, the album has a more mellow melodic flair to it, which really promotes that signature raspy vocal ability of Hugo. A definite listen if you haven’t had the chance to check it out yet.

Although the guys didn’t get in the set my favorite new song TWISTING AND TURNING; I forgive them because they have so many radio hits that the fans always want to hear, but I hope in future shows and tours they try to incorporate that song into the set cause it’s a pure master piece in my opinion. The night would have not been complete if they didn’t play the iconic smash hit MOURNING and with the acoustic start off and build up as the whole band comes in it will always n forever be my favorite part of the bands set. But with that being said, tonight   the rendition of BREAKDOWN caused me to possibly move MOURNING to 2nd best in a live setting. The way the band embraced and performed BREAKDOWN, with heart, energy and compassion they took this classic hit to a new dimension.

With the addition of musicians who have as much passion for music as the passion of the man who worked 20 years to make TANTRIC, when that falls into place you get a night like I experienced last night; FLAWLESS and a real fun rock show!

If you are a fan of the band get your butts out and support live music, if you haven’t had a chance to experience a TANTRIC show this is the perfect time to do so and if you are not a fan of this rock band, you should give it another chance because Rock n Roll is the heart of Hugo, Jaron, Jon, Sebastian and they will give you there all in energy, passion and gratitude for supporting their passion!

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