Unveil the Strength Interview

By Stephanie Stevens

Getting introduced to new bands is what gets me revved up and made me want to start the East Coast Romper in the first place. Through the years I have met and had conversations with musicians who made a name for themselves in the music business and one of them was Matt Snell former bassist for Five Finger Death Punch. Snell is now bringing bad ass metal back with his new band UNVEIL THE STRENGTH an Austin, Texas band formed in 2018 with members Mark Wolfe, Sean Mallet and Ryszard Gabriel the band is bringing hefty heavy riffs, alluring solos, melody induced elements and big ass vocal hooks to captivate you from start to finish. Snell says “We are bringing music back to the roots of real fucking metal!” With the bands newest single out entitled KILL, its truly apparent these guys have the talent and the “strength” to re-introduced what Metal should and was back in the day.

The more I learnt about the band I was captivated not only by the lyrical value of each song but got to learn a little about vocalist Mark Wolfe; who is a warrior in his own, as a person and a vocal entity. His life experience has given him a perspective that not only bleeds into the band’s music but also he is not afraid to share his advice to the fans and people looking for help in this world. From battling in a warzone, to being a homeless Veteran and his near death experiences this guy’s sings from his heart and the songs begin to take on more than just a solid track that you can jam out and pump your fist too!!

UNVEIL THE STRENGTH is a choice, it’s the unrelenting fortitude to overcome and conquer ourselves, and to read that from the band and then getting to hear tracks like HELL’S NEVER OVER and VENGEANCE AND THE MISERY this band is just not only a kick ass bunch of musicians they are just being as real as they can and I respect bands who are taking the road of authencity! A PS. To the band’s music you need to listen to the bands cover of Killswitch Engages song THE END OF HEARTACHE!!! Perfection!!


If you haven’t heard the great songs from UNVEIL THE STRENGTH, it’s your turn now to tune in and getting into this band before they take off. I got the opportunity to chat with vocalist Mark Wolfe about having a vision of a band and how to attack that, how through his life experiences the advice that has helped him through the tough times, his love of video games, the bands hustle in the Coffee industry and much more.

Q: First thing about your band is how the band name stands out. For me it made me think of struggles I’ve gotten through and how fight n strength got me through it. When you thought of the name was there a story that went along with knowing this was the name you needed to have?

A: Absolutely. It’s the struggle in the journey that defines us. For better or worse we all learn something through pain and suffering. It’s really about embracing life good or bad making the best of it with a never say die attitude.

Q: Having a vision for a band is one thing but making that vision come true is another. What was your initial vision for the band and how has the band members that came together made that vision a reality?

A: Good thing you ask all the easy questions! I feel like finding members is the hardest part about being in a band. It takes a special person to want to be in this industry. It’s a combination of talent, positivity, resilience, and no matter what happens you just figure it out ness. Then after listing those things being able to see the best and worst sides of people while living in close proximity. Oh yeah and somewhere along the way make music that hopefully someone will like. I feel right now I have a really great team making music for the right reasons and I’m grateful to have them.


Q: Your new song KILL has an emotional meaning behind it, what do you hope people get out of your story through this song?

A: The song title is so brutal but the metaphor for it gets kind of deep. We all have traumas and sometimes you have to shut a part of yourself down for a period of time so you can deal with them. I want people to know that being numb is an acceptable feeling after a trauma. It’s a survival mechanism for self-preservation emotionally. You “KILL” it so you can be more objective later. So if you have been through that or are going through it please forgive yourself because we are all imperfect humans.


Q: The video for the song plays on your love of video games. What is your favorite game and is this the past the time when you guys are out on the road? Who shot the video?

A: Any first person shooter video game. Red Dead, Call of Duty, Battlefield. I was playing a lot of Call of Duty in zombie mode in the past month to celebrate Halloween. I preordered the new Battlefield 2042, I can’t wait. I’m not sure I’ll have time to enjoy any video games but if I can I would love to.

The video was directed by Peyton Ware at Studios at Fischer


Q: HELL’S NEVER OVER is another track I fell in love with, how did you guys musically create that track and what do you feel is special about that song?

A: We had a couple of riffs and I wrote the chorus and it all came together. I try to spend time on the chorus and story first then build around it. It doesn’t always happen that way. Sometimes the song turns out amazing and sometimes it goes into the recycle riff pile.


Q: You have had some traumatic life experiences from being in combat to 2 different near death experiences. Being through that how do you view life now and what advice do you give kids out there that look at you like a role model?

A: The second easiest question, no pressure!! lol

#1: Stop worrying about what anyone else thinks about you, as soon as you do that you will have an entirely new level of freedom that you never thought possible.

#2: Learn to love and forgive yourself

#3: Be patient life isn’t all burritos and strippers

#4: You are in control of you, things will never be perfect, stuff that sucks is going to happen to you, it’s all on how you respond.

#5: I don’t ever tell anyone what to believe, i judge no one and love everyone, but I will say there is more to this place than just existing, there is meaning, and energy never dies it transforms. I’ve seen it, felt it, and experienced it.

#6: Be in the moment, in the spectrum of time we only exist for a nanosecond.


Q: What made you want to be a musician?

A: I grew up in it. My family were all musicians. I’ve accepted that it’s who I am.

Q: If you could pick up any instrument these days and learn to play what would it be and why? Also would you incorporate it into a future UNVEIL THE STRENGTH song?

A: It isn’t an instrument but it is. I would love to learn how to do the Mongolian throat singing like the HU. It has such a spiritual element to it and at the same time so primal. I would absolutely incorporate it.

Q: Along with being a rock band you guys also are coffee connoisseurs.  What got you into that type of business and what have you released and how can people purchase it?

A: We wanted to give our fans something to have that we all love that could support the band. It feels weird when people say “Oh you have a coffee business.” My response is no, “I’m in a band and we have badass coffee.” We love coffee and I think it’s a great way to give people something they like. The long term goal would be to eventually have a beer. We name every coffee after a song, in fact every bag has a QR code on it and if you scan it, it will take you to the music. We have released two bags so far ‘Vengeance’ morning blend and ”KILL” Coffee. If you would like to try our coffee, check out the link below. #COFFEEMETALNOSLEEP



Q: When you get out of the road will you be selling coffee also at your merch booth?

A: The plan will be to do meet and greets at coffee shops along the way and then play shows at night. We will absolutely be selling coffee on the road. If we had a beer we could sell that during the show. We try really hard to be creative and business minded. With one stream being .0006 bands really have to think outside the box.


Q: FOUNDATIONS is your album when will a full length be released and how was working with Rob and Henrik through the studio process?

A: I personally think records are dead. No one cares about a full length of a new band. Streaming and the digital age has made it about the song and If you think about it that’s how it was in the 50’s and 60’s. We have decided to release every song individually and once that is complete we will probably do a vinyl run if enough people request it. Rob and Henrik are amazing. They make the process easy. On the next record I’m going to go to Sweden for the Mixes.


Q: What are you guys gearing up for, for the rest of 2021 into 2022?

A: Right now we want to book some shows in Texas for Dec 2021. Just get out, stretch the legs, and have some fun. 2022….do you know? We live in some crazy times but we are going to play as much as we can, release more music, and drink more coffee.


Q: Anything you want to send out to your fans or new music fanatics reading this?

A: Every single day you are alive is a gift and you fucking matter. Thank you for asking these really great questions, grateful.  We just want everyone to know we are real people, Never above you, never below you , and always beside you. Keep the fires lit.

Stay in contact with the band

facebook: @unveilthestrength

Instagram: @unveilthestrength

Twitter: @unveilthestreng

Youtube @unveilthestrength



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