B-Mac Chat with Devin Reiche of Anubis

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy

The name Anubis comes from Egyptian culture. Anubis is the God of death, mummification, the afterlife and the Underworld. The name alone would make for a cool heavy metal band name. The way it sounds is aggressive and majestic at the same time. Well, as luck would have it, there is an actual band who call themselves Anubis. Inspired to become one of the best power/thrash metal bands out there, they were created by Hatchet bassist Devin Reiche. They were picking up steam as a group until the pandemic stalled their movement. Motivated to keep going after a year in quarantine, Devin is recharged and has risen Anubis once again. The opportunity was presented to me to interview him through Skype. So, on November 27th, we had ourselves a little chat about the band and what the future holds for it.

According to Devin, Anubis went through a line-up change due to the effects of the pandemic and change in priorities. The group’s old guitarist came up with the name, which Devin liked because he like mythology and its three-syllable sound makes it a great chant. He would explain how Anubis were drawn by different subgenres of metal and how it generated the thrash/power metal sound, which they are proud to create. We would go on to talk about the group’s newest single, “The Great Divide.” While Devin wrote the lyrics, it was his guitar player Justin Escamilla’s riffs that helped mold the song. While currently not signed to a label, Devin mentioned that they are interested in a couple of them, but did not want to name them because it might cause a conflict of interest. Anubis is working on a new EP, entitled Eternal Youth, Eternal Night, and he went into some detail about what will be in store for it.

It was a fun interview to have with Devin. This man has a passion for heavy metal ever since first hearing Metallica’s Ride the Lighting and believes his group has what it takes. After listening to “The Great Divide,” I concur that some big things are in store for Anubis, and I wish them nothing but success. To Devin Reiche, I salute you. Horns up!!!

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