The Whisky is Thankful For Gemini Syndrome

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy, Photos by Matt “Rabit” Martinez Red Hare Images

When Rabit and I first teamed up, we covered Otep at the Observatory in Santa Ana. It was from that show I realized I had found my photographer. While I do take some pretty good shots, Rabit always had the better eye. The way he captured the energy and stigma of the groups that night, his pictures helped sell what was happening. The second show we tackled together was at the Roxy, where we saw Stitched Up Heart and this progressive metal outfit from Los Angeles, Gemini Syndrome. I really enjoyed their live performance as they lit up the Roxy while promoting their second album, Memento Mori. Five long years later, Gemini Syndrome have returned with not only a new record, 3rd Degree – The Raising, but also a new tour with Oh! The Horror. One of their stops was at the Whisky the day before Thanksgiving. Feeling thankful for the new album, Rabit and I journeyed back to Hollywood to give thanks to the group and to metal.

After catching the last four songs from opening act Pushing Veronica, we waited for the arrival of Oh! The Horror. This was an interesting group as it consists of two guitarists in lead Grady Finch and rhythm Jeremy Terror, and rapping screamer/vocalist Jonathon Hellhouse. They have this clever mixture of hip-hop, metalcore, punk, and horrorcore. Donning horrific masks, they displayed an electric stage presence that the crowd ate up. Filling in for the bass and drums was a recorded program playing off a laptop. I was not too thrilled about that part, but both Finch and Terror made up for that with the chaotic riffs and licks. Oh! The Horror were theatrically entertaining and the songs they performed were top-notch. From “Kill em’ All” to “Leave Me Alone,” “Dead Inside,” “Bodies,” “Apology,” and “Halloween 365,” we all felt the horror and loved every minute of it.

Full Oh! The Horror gallery below:

After a 20 minute intermission, the Whisky was awoken the ominous progressive metal sound that is Gemini Syndrome. Coming down the stairs wearing sweatshirts and schoolboy uniforms, starting their set with “Reintegration.” Frontman Aaron Nordstrom led the classroom with his elaborate singing and occasional imposing screams. He commands a lot of respect on stage, sweetening our ears with his metallic lyrics. Bassist Alessandro Paveri wore warrior paint on his tattooed face, as he was bone rattling the bass with all his might. Lead guitarist Miguel “Meegs” Rascón riffed intense progressive melodies while also playing tantalizing leads that sat well with our ears. Drummer Brian Steele Medina is always fun to watch behind the kit. The way he crashes and wails up there is earth shattering. For their set, Gemini Syndrome performed most of the material off 3rd Degree – The Raising while having a good mix of tunes between Lux and Memento Mori. The fans came alive upon hearing songs like “Absolution,” “Eternity,” “Pleasure and Pain,” “Die With Me,” “Baptized in Fire,” “Abandoned,” “Anonymous,” and “Children of the Sun.” The night ended with their signature classic, “Stardust.”

Fill Gemini Syndrome gallery below:

Rabit and I had a lot to be thankful for that night. We were thankful for our friendship, shows returning, and catching another great set at the Whisky. Gemini Syndrome never sounded better. Between this performance and seeing them at the Roxy, I felt the Whisky performance is better because they have gained a bigger following and they have refined their sound even further. Oh! The Horror was exciting to watch, but add in a bassist and/or drummer, and then they will kill even more. This is a Thanksgiving worth remembering. To Gemini Syndrome and Oh! The Horror, I salute you. Horns up!!!

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