ZZ Top / 11 December 2021 / Abraham Chavez Theater / El Paso, Texas

By Tim Schumann

After 18 months and two cancellations, that little ole band from Texas finally made it back to El Paso and boy, were they received well here in West Texas, a sold out show, no less.

I’m not sure what I can say here that hasn’t been said a thousand times before this band, 15 Albums in 51 years, same lineup during that time up till this past August when we were all shocked to hear of Dusty’s passing and to our surprise, the band kept touring with Elwood Francis, Dusty’s 20 year Bass Tech taking over the reins on Bass Guitar.

Mixed emotions? Somewhat yes, with that said, covering this show was a must, so you can imagine how excited I was once approved.

On a personal note, I’m a huge fan, seen them multiple time over the years, the first time was in the summer of 74 for 5 dollars, they had just released Tres Hombres the year before and were catching fire, I was a fan. Since my time here in El Paso, I’ve shot them three times and in March of 18, Billy was doing a meet and greet at the Shiners, I was chosen to photograph the event, Billy was super kind to everyone, took his time answering questions and of course photos all around, you couldn’t have asked for a nicer individual.

Tim Montana was the supporting act, as fate would have it, I saw Tim on Fox and Friends a few weeks before and told him so after the show, another super nice guy.

At 8pm sharp, house lights went down and Tim hit the stage, played for a solid half hour, I wasn’t familiar with Tim’s music, kind of a country rock, full of energy, I will say that, Tim puts on a great show, I highly recommend giving him a listen.

9 sharp, lights go down and the boys stroll on out and like a shotgun blast, Got Me Under Pressure, I Thank You and Waitin’ for the Bus hit you right between the eyes, needless to say, the joint was jumpin’.

As stated, this was a sold out event, I believe we all in attendance had the same mindset that this would be the last time seeing ZZ Top and or wanted to see Dusty’s replacement, I can only speak for myself here, curiosity maybe, whatever it was quickly disappeared, I was pleasantly surprised with Elwood, even though he kept looking at Billy a little more that usual for that lead, they did interact some, but it’s Billy’s show, that’s just my opinion.

If you thought Elwood was just filling in, you’re sadly mistaken, April and May of 2022, they will be doing a Canadian Tour with Cheap Trick in support, its safe to say, Elwood is here to stay.

Full ZZ Top gallery below:


In closing, Billy just turned 72 last week and shows no signs of slowing down, I do believe it’s safe to say Frank, Elwood and Billy are going to stick around for a minute and continue to entertain us with that raw style of Texas blues, no complaints here.

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