The Trinity of Terror Tour Terrorizes The Hollywood Palladium

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy, Photos by Matt “Rabit” Martinez Red Hare Images

It feels like it has been forever since I have covered a show at the famous Hollywood Palladium. The last time I was there was when Amon Amarth came to town with Arch Enemy and At the Gates. That was one of hell of a show. Since the pandemic hit us, the theater has gone silent, and I was craving for another there. With things starting to slowly go back to normal, shows have been getting booked at Palladium. One of which was a tour that would two of my favorite genres together: horror and heavy metal. That is where the Trinity of Terror Tour comes to play. Featuring polarizing heavy metal superstars Black Veil Brides, gothic metalcore giants Motionless in White, and horror movie metal lovers Ice Nine Kills, this is the perfect tour that would make return to the Hollywood Palladium. Luckily for Rabit and myself, we surprisingly got approved and decided to embrace heavy metal horror we love to see live.

The opener for the night was Lilith Czar. For those of you who are not too familiar, Lilith Czar is the re-birth of former competitor of The Voice and frontwoman of the emo-punk group Automatic Loveletter, Juliet Simms. Adopting a hard rock edge with an alternative twist, they captured my attention as soon as I heard their first song of the evening, “Feed My Chaos,” which is featured on their debut album with Sumerian Records, Created from Filth and Dust. Lilith has this dirty sounding voice that oozes sex and toughness, while at the time still showing off her sweet harmonies. The members of her group were rip-roaring pleasure to hear as they tied alternative rock and hard rock together is a dark, tantalizing way. The band helped warm up the Hollywood crowd with their sweet and sour tunes like “100 Little Deaths,” “Lola,” “King,” “Anarchy,” and the Stevie Nicks classic, “Edge of Seventeen.” Lilith has done an amazing job re-branding herself in a way that would give Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless a run for her money. As it said on their webpage, “created from filth and dust, destined to be King… Lilith Czar.” Only time will tell if she is worthy for the crown.

Full Lilith Czar gallery below:

Following Lilith Czar comes a group that has been known to bring horror flicks in the world of heavy metal, Ice Nine Kills. Having just completed their hit sequel album, The Silver Scream 2: Welcome to Horrorwood, this five-piece group gave Hollywood a terror-rific show they will never forget. Frontman Spencer Charnas was a slasher on stage, slaying away the crowd with his hellacious voice and stage charisma. With each new song, he would done a new costume to go with the horror movie the song inspires. Lead guitarist Dan Sugarman was an evil genius with his wicked solos that would slice through our eardrums without mercy, while rhythm player Ricky Armellino performed monstrous riffs that would give serial killers nightmares. Drummer Patrick Galante and bassist Joseph Occhiuti were a duo of killers that mud-stomped the beat is magnitude. Known for delivering a theatrical show to along with their songs, Ice Nine Kills reminded us why horror films rule. Actors would come out and act out scenes of death and mayhem. The band played their whole set from both Silver Scream albums with tunes like “Welcome to Horrorwood,” “Würst Vacation,” “Hip to Be Scared,” “Rainy Day,” “It Is the End,” “Take Your Pick,” “Ex-Mørtis,” “The Shower Scene,” “Funeral Derangements,” and “The American Nightmare.” Acting as our tour guides, Ice Nine Kills made Horrorwood sound like a cool, sinister place to be in. Hey Paul!

Full Ice Nine Kills gallery below:

Up next is one of the few metalcore bands inspired by the gothic ways that can make it look and sound so appealing, Motionless in White. This happens to be the fourth time Rabit and I have seen them, and the energy they put out in L.A. was dominating. Frontman Chris “Motionless” Cerulli took command of the microphone and blared out passionate screams & melodies that would frighten anyone but us. Rhythm guitarist Ricky “Horror” Olson brought an element of darkness not only to the main riffs, but also to the mic as helped Motionless with the lyrics. Together, they make the words more menacing. Lead guitarist Ryan Sitkowski brought in elements of industrial and horror metal to his amazing solos & licks, sparing no life in the venue. Bassist Justin Morrow and drummer Vinny Mauro played mean, heavy vibes to the gothic beat with the crowd embracing it and wanting more of it. Motionless in White was ever charismatic on stage, stabbing away at the fans with very sharp songs like “Thoughts & Prayers,” “Devil’s Night,” “Necessary Evil,” “Voices” (one of my favorites), “Soft,” “Reincarnate,” “Another Life,” and the ever popular “Eternally Yours.” The group even performed the first single off their upcoming album (out this summer) Scoring the End of the World, entitled “Cyberhex.” It received a stellar reaction, making everyone including eagerly waiting for the album to drop. Until then, Motionless in White grabbed hold of our souls and filled it with heavy gothic satisfaction.

Full Motionless in White gallery below:

After a 30-minute breather to gather ourselves, out came the main attraction of the evening, Black Veil Brides. In the beginning of this article, I mentioned they were polarizing because they have the capacity to either rock the house or piss off the fans, sometimes both. I will admit, they were never really the kind of band I would follow, but I have been told their live shows are cool, so I decided to give them a shot. Surprisingly enough, they kind of impressed. Frontman Andy Biersack sounded decent as he brought a dynamite presence to the stage and the microphone. Though I still think he can have too much of an ego. The real stars of Black Veil Brides to me are the twin guitar duo of lead Jake Pitts and rhythm man Jinxx. They both riffed up a lethal mixture of classic heavy metal and glam metal. Pitts really impressed me with his deadly solos that fans adored hearing. Drummer Christian “CC” Coma brought melodic death metal and punk rock to his drumming, which synced nicely with the glam metal vibes Black Veal Brides put out. He even dazzled the crowd with his bombastic skills as he threw out a solo. Newcomer bassist Lonny Eagleton made is presence known and won the crowd over with his simple yet dynamic bass playing. Celebrating the creation of their newest release, The Phantom Tomorrow, the night went well for Black Veil Brides. With songs like “Faithless,” “Coffin,” “Crimson Skies,” “Shadows Die,” “Scarlett Cross,” “All Your Hate,” “The Legacy,” and “In the End,” a sea of fans poured their love out to the group. The song that I liked was “Wake Up” as it had this righteous beat that rocked really well.

Full Black Veil Brides gallery below:

A night of terror filled the venue, and we were all embracing the horror. Every band played with dread and excitement. The theatricality they put out was amazing, and I was craving for more that night. As for who stole the show, I would say it was a tie between Motionless in White and Ice Nine Kills. Black Veil Brides sounded like Black Veil Brides, which is something fans always love to hear. Lilith Czar is making a name for herself in the heavy rock world, and I believe that name has the potential to get bigger. The Trinity of Terror was a huge success, and the spirit of the Hollywood Palladium is alive once more. To Black Veil Brides, Motionless in White, Ice Nine Kills, and Lilith Czar, I salute you. Horns up!!! Hey Paul!

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