B-Mac Chat with Sin Quirin

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy

When comes to guitar players who can join classic heavy metal riffs with intense industrial prowess, there is no one better than Mr. Sin Quirin. This shredder from Burbank has been making head spins with his penetrating chord progressions for the past 20 years. Sin really made his name when he joined the industrial war machine known as Ministry. Joining forces with frontman Al Jourgensen, they made some exciting records industrial metal fans were swooning over. After 14 years with the group, he decided the time was right to close that chapter and write up another one in his storybook career. Now teaming with Transtorno frontman Pedro Sanchez, his new project has come to bear fruit to the music world. They call themselves Siglos, and after hearing their first single “Por Los Siglos,” I was excited by what I heard. Thanks to an invite by my PR friend Raquel Figlo, I was given the opportunity to chat with Sin over the phone and find out more about the man and the band.

Sin remembered wanting to play guitar for the rest of his life when he first heard the KISS live record, Alive! We bounded over Alive! changing our viewpoints of live music and rock & roll. When he joined or started each of the groups had been in, he had a sense of how he wanted the guitar to sound. I asked Sin what the word “siglos” means and why name the group that name. At first, he kidded around by saying it means “bring me tacos,” then he told me it means “centuries.” When creating Siglos, the group chose the name as it was part of the lyrics Sin created with Pedro. He would go on to tell me how he came to hooking up with Pedro and why he chose him to front the group. According to Sin, the idea is to get a debut EP out by this Fall and follow that up with a full-length album. What is going make this group stand out from other American industrial metal groups is that the lyrics is all going to be in Spanish. We would go on to talk about his time with Ministry and what his proudest moments were in the group. If you want to know what else was discussed, then tune in to the interview below.

I honestly believe that talking with Sin was one of the highlights of my music journalist adventure. He was a true gentlemen and jokester at the same time, making the interview that more interesting. As for Siglos, they are getting ready to release another single and video entitled “Morir,” and they are planning on performing at some upcoming festivals in Europe this year. I cannot wait for Siglos to come play in my town. An interesting note btw Revolters, he is also a guitar teacher as he has taught my good friend Jeniffer’s daughters how to play. That is cool of him, giving back by teaching youngsters to rock out on the axe. To Sin Quirin, I salute you. Horns up!!!

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