Introducing To You, Anthems In Ashes

October 30, 2018 uncivilr 0

Anthems In Ashes is a four-piece hard rock band brought together by their love of music that is both heavy and high energy. They are based in the hard rock genre with influences of melodic rock, heavy metal, and punk. […]

Introducing To You: Bad Marriage

October 27, 2018 uncivilr 0

Boston’s Bad Marriage comes out of the gate swinging their hard rock hammer with both fists, laying down their blistering boogie with heavily swung rhythms. Their repertoire digs deep with influences including AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and Aerosmith. Indulging their collective thirst for tone and overdriven guitars […]

Artist to Watch: Joyous Wolf

April 6, 2018 Matt Mart 0

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy, Photo’s by Matt “Rabit” Martinez Many people can argue that rock ‘n’ roll, especially heavy rock, is in a death rattle and ready to be put out to pasture. It is […]

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